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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Night and Fog, a weekend recap

Man, has life been crazy! How are those New Year's Resolutions coming? As for mine, I'm doing pretty good on most of them, the only one I'm really struggling with is running. But I don't really blame myself because the air has been HORRIBLE. 

I haven't done a weekend recap post in awhile, so here it is, the weekend recap.

Friday: Charissa and I went to go see The Book of Life in the Dollar theaters. In case you were wondering, yes, this is the third movie we have seen this year in the theaters. Yes that means we had gone about every three days... I really liked the movie though! I won't lie, it kind of annoyed me that everyone in the movie was really ugly except the main characters, but oh well! We also made our amazing spicy garlic lime chicken. Seriously the best chicken ever. Then Watched Runaway Bride with the Captain. I still can't believe he'd never seen it.

Saturday: Draper temple. I may have woken up a little late that morning, but I made it :) We then had a Rocky Mountain Muggle thing at the Murray library. Good times. I was quite sleep deprived and so everything seemed hilarious! Then we watched my nephew for the rest of the day pretty much. The little guy is RUNNING everywhere. Fun, except when you're so tired that you look at the floor and think, yeah, I'd like to sleep right there...

Sunday: Pretty laid back! Church and dinner with the family. Also, a random 5 mile walk in the fog with the Captain. It was absolutely beautiful, minus the fact that I kept thinking we were going to be killed, but other than that. Amazing. I was wishing for my camera ha ha. 

This week:
-Dancing  (I missed last week to go see Into the Woods)
-Meeting for work 
-Institute! (So glad that this is starting up again!)
-Heading to California! 

Currently Reading:
-The Belgariad
-The Richest Man in Babylon

-Run, at least once
-Visiting Teaching. I am determined to get better at this this year!

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