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Monday, January 19, 2015

Portuguese Weekend

Have you ever gone somewhere you didn't know the language? Well I haven't. I still haven't, but this weekend was a little taste of what that might be like. The Captain and I (In case you haven't guessed... we're dating) went to Vegas this weekend with one of his converts from Brazil and her husband. Guess who didn't speak English? Guess how much Portuguese I know? The only thing that saved me this weekend was the fact that I did take two years of Spanish. They are so similar it was crazy! So I kind of understood what they were saying. Which was weird but honestly made me feel REALLY cool. I have this goal of learning all 5 romance languages before I die, and it kind of gave me a lot of hope that someday I might actually be able to accomplish this! 

Also, in case you were wondering, the Bellagio is a bit of a disappointment. At least for me.
This... compared to this...
For me, there is a clear winner and it isn't the Bellagio...

Also, I discovered that Vegas is not my scene. Not at all. Guess what is though? Zions.

 Used my new hiking backpack for the first time this weekend. I may or may not have taken half the hike trying to figure out how to work it. Feel free to judge. 

 I would take Zions over the lights any day. It was really pretty. The pictures really do it no justice. I've never hiked there this time of year, and it was really nice that it wasn't so crowded or hot. (If you're going, definitely bring a jacket. And long pants. And know where your trails come out... also there is no shuttle this time of year.)

It was a wonderful weekend, a lot of driving. A lot of long talks, and a lot of listening. I hope you're all having a great long weekend!
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  1. These pictures turned out awesome!! Yay!!!