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Friday, January 9, 2015

The Breakfast Rant

I woke up this morning hungry. Which, if you knew anything about how hungry I've been the past few days you'd understand that this was a big deal. Of course, I wanted something really delicious for breakfast. 

What was my family planning on eating? Cereal.
Yeah, cereal.

I really have nothing against cereal. I mean, it's ok... ish. There are just so many other options out there for breakfast that with all of them presented before you, how could you possibly choose cereal?? I mean, have you been on pinterest? There are eggs, and hashbrowns and biscuits and bacon and french toast and waffles and crepes... and you're telling me that you want to eat cereal?

Seriously, could someone explain to me how this works? 

Add that onto the fact that I don't really believe in eating breakfast for dinner (I know, it's a thing...) and you're going to waste your one opportunity on cereal? I just don't get it folks. I really don't. 

Don't you worry though. My little sister was willing to eat french toast instead. It was a close thing, I'm telling you. 

What's your favorite breakfast food? How do YOU feel about cereal?
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