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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcome to the New Year

Holy crolley, I can't believe that we are already a week into the New Year! Correction. Part of me can't, the other part of me is surprisingly ok with it. And since it is Wednesday after all, I think it may be time for a Random Fact Wednesday. Part of me is debating about this because I don't have anything amazing to share, but the other part of me says what the hey, no one cares that the first Random Fact Wednesday of the year is off the cuff. 

1. I always drink sparkling cider on New Year's eve (I suppose technically day because it's usually at midnight)

2. My New Year's Eve plans are generally lame, but I usually have plans for the actual first day of the year. This year, Fondue party! This is actually a tradition but it doesn't usually get to happen on the actual day :)

3. I have only ever kissed one person at midnight on New Year's Eve. 
4. I'm usually pretty good at keeping my resolutions! Weird right? I know a ton of people who don't even make resolutions, which makes me sad. Anyway, so far so good this year.
5. This really has nothing to do with New Year's but I keep dreaming that I'm meeting bloggers that I follow. Usually they're actually really mean to me (I don't think that they would be in real life), but last night they were all really nice! 

Anyway, there are your random 5 facts! Happy New Year, I hope that it's amazing! Mine is and I am SO glad that 2014 is over. I didn't realize how happy I would be about it until it actually happened :)

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