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Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Moments

Pretty sure that last week was literally the longest week ever, in a good way. 
Last week was a little bit of everything. From lazing around for an entire day (I wasn't sure I could do it, turns out, I can), to testing, to being really productive on Friday and Saturday (I did all my laundry AND put it all away. I call that a win.). It was a very social week, which I haven't really had in awhile. It was my dad's birthday on Friday and I also got to meet one of the Captain's good friends Saturday night after eating so much pizza and David's delight that I thought I might pop. Also, on Sunday, I went to the Captain's grandparents for dinner. Then to my best friend's right after. And through all of this, dancing on Tuesday and watching the Little Man that same night, I took a grand total of two pictures. Yup. Blogger fail. 
This is when I discovered that Wreck it Ralph is like magic for my nephew. Literally an entire hour he sat there and cuddled up to me. 

Also, this happened. :)

This week is going to be full of social too, but hopefully I'll take more pictures :) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Feel free to drop me a line in the comments about anything awesome that happened! :)
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Three Hours of Church

Photo Credit: Michelle Bacca

This year I made a goal to attend all three hours of church for the entire year. Never have I made a more stupid goal in my life. And when I say that I made a stupid goal, I don't mean that the goal itself is actually stupid, it has been a great goal, the problem is that I'm pretty sure the world is working against me to make sure that this doesn't happen. 

2 weeks into the year I went on Vacation. So I got up early on Sunday and went with the Captain. To all three hours.

Then 3 weeks into the year my brother needed us to watch my nephew. His nap time is exactly when my church is, my mom's church is at the same time. So I went to the 9 AM church at my ward building, which is actually a family ward.

The next week after that was a homecoming, and I had a meeting during the third hour, which meant that I went to the first two hours, went to my meeting, had another meeting and then attended my own relief society.

Then last week the Captain and I went up to a cabin with some of his friends on Sunday, which meant that we went to a random ward at 9 AM so that we could go to all three hours. 

Every week there seems to be some new reason why it will be difficult to go to all three hours of church. 

But, despite it being difficult (VERY difficult), I'm grateful that I made the goal. It got me out of the habit of thinking that I could leave church, and I have learned something new each week. Mostly I'm just glad that I've made it this far. Here's to another 10 and a half months of it being difficult to go to all three hours of church! :)
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

He Came Back for Me

I ran a 5k this last weekend. I kind of thought that it was a bad idea. My internal dialogue went something like this.
"Yeah, sure! Let's run a 5k!"
"That is the stupidest idea I've ever heard. Do you realize how long a 5k is? When was the last time you ran that far? Oh yes, over a month ago."
"We can do this" 
"No we can't"
"It will be awesome!"
"Do you realize how insanely masochistic it is to run on Valentine's Day?"

And that's about where I left it. That was what I was thinking when I said, sure, let's run the race. 

So I found myself on Saturday morning, standing at the start of the race with the Captain, my mom and Hector taking pictures of us as we took off. 

I had no idea what I was doing. 

I followed the pack, smiling that I was being so stupid as to run this race and pretending that I wasn't going to hit a point when I would have to stop running and walk for a bit. I left the Captain, but it was before the halfway point that he caught up to me and we ran together for a little bit. Then he ran ahead.
I knew that he would finish before me, and I wondered if he would run back for me. Part of me didn't want him to. 

I was on the last hill, wondering if he would, when I flashed back to Trek when I was 15. We were doing the women's pull. Uphill, in the sand. I wanted to pull our cart without any help from the others who had already finished. They were just showoffs, I thought. Proving that not only could they do the women's pull, but they could pull my cart too, out of the goodness of their hearts...
Someone came back for me then and I was mad. I could have done it. I didn't need them.

So when I was on the last stretch of the race and I saw him coming back for me I wasn't sure if I wanted him to. I could run in on my own.

These were the last few hundred feet in the race. I realized that it wasn't about whether or not I could run in alone. We both knew that I could, that had nothing to do with it. He wanted to run it with me, he wanted to support me, even if I didn't need that support. 

So I smiled as he fell into step with me. Smiled as we ran the last of it in. I finished my first 5k. 3rd in my age division (19-24), 27th overall. I finished in 30:46.4 minutes

Also, in case you were wondering, this was the playlist I ran to (because who doesn't want to run to sappy songs on Valentine's Day?):
10. Everyday -The Sunstreak

Have you ever run a race? How did you like your first race? How did you spend your Valentine's day? 

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Moments?

So once upon a time I didn't get Monday moments up on Monday.  My bad. Also, you guys should still vote on the rose thing. Only one person voted and I'm not sure I should base my new favorite off of that. Also I'm still unsure whether or not it's too popular a favorite.  Yeah, that's still bugging me. Anywho...
This last weekend was pretty great. Awesome food, ran my first 5K (more on that tomorrow), went up to a cabin, and spent all of Monday doing a hobbit marathon. It was fantastic.  Also, I made the captain try Leatherby's cheese fries. Made is probably too strong a word. They are so good! Basically in college I had my family bribe me with them to get me to come home for the weekend (I swear I'm not heartless, I just really loved college)
Anyway, hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Also, apparently when you cook crepes with gluten free flour, they don't spread out, who knew?

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Rose Debate

Once upon a time I was in love with flowers. All kinds of them really, but that doesn't really work in life. People want you to have favorites and after all, we all kind of have them. (I really don't understand the people who say that they don't have favorites. Seriously? Do these people really exist? Or, are they like the Runaway Bride, they've just never bothered to choose them?) So I picked mine, ignorantly, deciding that I liked Lilies best of all. Really, they are a beautiful flower. 
However, when my grandma died, we got all these bouquets and flower arrangements. ALL of them had lilies. I really don't think that there was a single one without them. Our house STANK of lilies. In case you were wondering, while Lilies are a beautiful flower, they aren't the most pleasant to smell, which is maybe why they decided to associate them with death. 
Now I can't do it. I can't say that lilies are my favorite. The smell of them literally makes me sick now. 
So I have been on a quest, to find a new favorite flower. And guess what. I still don't have one. I really like roses, but if you know me, I'm not into being just like everyone else (to my own detriment at times), but that's also a really stupid reason not to choose something as your favorite. But with all the flowers in the world, there's got to be one that is more beautiful.
However, I'm kind of attached to roses. 
Reasons that they are kind of amazing:
1. They are one of the few things that I know how to draw.
2. Belle has pretty much always been my favorite disney princess. Belle+Roses... it's a thing.
3. Someone once told me that I seem like "sunshine and roses" and I've never forgotten the phrase.
4. I've been compared to a rose by more than one person. (Pretty, but I have my thorns), also apparently they "just fit" me. It has also been suggested that I get a rose tattoo, not that I would ever get a tattoo, but if someone is suggesting that because they think Roses go with you that much, it's reason to take pause right?
5. The Little Prince. The Little Prince is near and dear to my heart. 

So you see, I kind of want to choose roses, but I just don't know if I can do it! What do you guys think? I don't know why I'm opening this for public voting, but I am :)

Let me know what you think!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Cooking Bucket List

Before I get to my Cooking/Baking bucket list for Random Fact Wednesday (should I maybe call it random list day?), I just want to tell you a random story first.
So yesterday I was at work and I was writing a 9 on the board and I completely forgot how to draw a 9. Seriously, I don't know how this happened. I re-wrote it about 3 times because it looked weird, before I realized that there was no other way to draw a 9 and that I must be seriously tired (at least no one was telling me that I looked hung over that day, which is especially sad because I've never had a drop of alcohol in my life). But it wasn't until the kids started coming in and asking if it was a Q (lower case, like this q. I feel sorry to admit this, but it kind of looked like that), that I realized I really did forget how to draw a 9. Don't judge...

So, onto the bucket list!

Not necessarily in order of awesomeness, tastiness, skill level or actual desire to want to cook said item.

1. Beef Wellington
2. Souffle (I made a cheater version once)
(Said cheater Souffle)
3. Creme Brulee
4. Macaroons
5. Baked Alaska
6. Eggs Benedict
7. Sushi (actually terrified to make this)
8. Beiniets
9. Crepe Cake
10. Mama's Spaghetti Sauce
11. Deviled Eggs
12. Homemade Pasta
13. Walking Tacos
14. Funeral Potatoes
15. Pazookie Shots
16. Scallops

Does anyone else have a cooking bucket list? Slash, have you made anything on this list? If you have any tips or tricks I'd be happy to hear them!

As always, thank you for reading!
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Moments

I kind of decided that I didn't like Weekend Recaps. Especially since I didn't like containing them to the weekend. Things happen during the week! It's true. I know I've been a little absent on the blog lately, I promise that I have way too many ideas and that I had planned to post every single day last week. Never mind that I didn't post more than once... Whoops!

So its been awhile and admittedly these are mostly from week before last. Last weekend (as in the last week in January) took way more out of me than it had any right to. Charissa and I did FanX. Three days of it. It was way a lot of running and running, but we did it! And it was much better than any of the cons we've been to thus far. Seriously, the chairs saved my life.

Also, I finished the Book of Mormon again! I really love that book. My goal to study every night has been going swimmingly. Except maybe one day where I kind of copped out using my day at church to mostly count, I haven't missed a day! 

The Captain and I went out for Sushi for our one-month-a-versary. So good! 

That center picture was a crazy curly kind of day. I think I may have taken that at like 3 in the morning... I should not stay up so late. 

And how has everyone enjoying those nice days? Charissa and I walked 4 miles the other day.

May or may not have decided to run a race this weekend. My first ever. No, I'm not freaking out. Not at all...

Hope everyone has had a great week! :)
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

How Attending the Temple Has Changed My Life

Yesterday I was in the temple and one of the temple workers asked me a question that my mom had asked me only a few weeks before, "How has temple attendance changed my life?" 
It's a hard question to answer, even though I feel like it should be easy. I have been attending the temple on a regular basis since I graduated high school, minus the time I was in college. I never really looked for any change in my life, but I can't say that there hasn't been any. 
I would like to think that I am a better person now than I have ever been in previous years, but change is so gradual that it's hard to measure. I do believe that I have been changed by the time that I have spent in the temple, but I couldn't really say how. 
I can say that I have been blessed for being in the temple. I have had a good job for years, I have been blessed with patience for my students (trust me, they need me to have a lot of patience), I have been blessed with the desire to be a better person. It's something that I am almost always thinking about, and something that I'm not sure that I'm ever really progressing at. 
If nothing else, the temple is a blessing to me because of the way I feel when I know that I've done it. It's kind of like exercising, the idea of it sounds bad, but when you get down to it, you're glad that you've done it. It's not always easy. I'm a little ashamed to admit how often I wake up on Saturday morning and think, oh, maybe I'll skip this week, I'm SO tired. But every time that I get up and go, I'm glad that I went. It's something that I have never regretted doing. 
So after years of going to the temple every Saturday, usually by myself, I have grown to love the temple. Especially the Draper Temple. I watched it go up and I watched my workers from Jordan River leave to other temples. I have grown to love the workers at the Draper Temple. I imagine that going to heaven will be something like going to the temple, I may not know everyone's names, but I'll know their faces. 
I'm grateful that I have a temple so close that I can go so often. And really, I may not know what has happened in my life to make me a better person, but I am sure that I would not be who I am. I am sure that the temple has protected me from the person I might have become. And that is more than worth it.

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