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Sunday, February 1, 2015

How Attending the Temple Has Changed My Life

Yesterday I was in the temple and one of the temple workers asked me a question that my mom had asked me only a few weeks before, "How has temple attendance changed my life?" 
It's a hard question to answer, even though I feel like it should be easy. I have been attending the temple on a regular basis since I graduated high school, minus the time I was in college. I never really looked for any change in my life, but I can't say that there hasn't been any. 
I would like to think that I am a better person now than I have ever been in previous years, but change is so gradual that it's hard to measure. I do believe that I have been changed by the time that I have spent in the temple, but I couldn't really say how. 
I can say that I have been blessed for being in the temple. I have had a good job for years, I have been blessed with patience for my students (trust me, they need me to have a lot of patience), I have been blessed with the desire to be a better person. It's something that I am almost always thinking about, and something that I'm not sure that I'm ever really progressing at. 
If nothing else, the temple is a blessing to me because of the way I feel when I know that I've done it. It's kind of like exercising, the idea of it sounds bad, but when you get down to it, you're glad that you've done it. It's not always easy. I'm a little ashamed to admit how often I wake up on Saturday morning and think, oh, maybe I'll skip this week, I'm SO tired. But every time that I get up and go, I'm glad that I went. It's something that I have never regretted doing. 
So after years of going to the temple every Saturday, usually by myself, I have grown to love the temple. Especially the Draper Temple. I watched it go up and I watched my workers from Jordan River leave to other temples. I have grown to love the workers at the Draper Temple. I imagine that going to heaven will be something like going to the temple, I may not know everyone's names, but I'll know their faces. 
I'm grateful that I have a temple so close that I can go so often. And really, I may not know what has happened in my life to make me a better person, but I am sure that I would not be who I am. I am sure that the temple has protected me from the person I might have become. And that is more than worth it.

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