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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Three Hours of Church

Photo Credit: Michelle Bacca

This year I made a goal to attend all three hours of church for the entire year. Never have I made a more stupid goal in my life. And when I say that I made a stupid goal, I don't mean that the goal itself is actually stupid, it has been a great goal, the problem is that I'm pretty sure the world is working against me to make sure that this doesn't happen. 

2 weeks into the year I went on Vacation. So I got up early on Sunday and went with the Captain. To all three hours.

Then 3 weeks into the year my brother needed us to watch my nephew. His nap time is exactly when my church is, my mom's church is at the same time. So I went to the 9 AM church at my ward building, which is actually a family ward.

The next week after that was a homecoming, and I had a meeting during the third hour, which meant that I went to the first two hours, went to my meeting, had another meeting and then attended my own relief society.

Then last week the Captain and I went up to a cabin with some of his friends on Sunday, which meant that we went to a random ward at 9 AM so that we could go to all three hours. 

Every week there seems to be some new reason why it will be difficult to go to all three hours of church. 

But, despite it being difficult (VERY difficult), I'm grateful that I made the goal. It got me out of the habit of thinking that I could leave church, and I have learned something new each week. Mostly I'm just glad that I've made it this far. Here's to another 10 and a half months of it being difficult to go to all three hours of church! :)
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