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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Moments?

So once upon a time I didn't get Monday moments up on Monday.  My bad. Also, you guys should still vote on the rose thing. Only one person voted and I'm not sure I should base my new favorite off of that. Also I'm still unsure whether or not it's too popular a favorite.  Yeah, that's still bugging me. Anywho...
This last weekend was pretty great. Awesome food, ran my first 5K (more on that tomorrow), went up to a cabin, and spent all of Monday doing a hobbit marathon. It was fantastic.  Also, I made the captain try Leatherby's cheese fries. Made is probably too strong a word. They are so good! Basically in college I had my family bribe me with them to get me to come home for the weekend (I swear I'm not heartless, I just really loved college)
Anyway, hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Also, apparently when you cook crepes with gluten free flour, they don't spread out, who knew?

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