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Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Moments

 As you may or may not know. St. Partick's day is my favorite holiday. I'm not entirely sure why. I think it's because I love books so much and especially books about fairies, so St. Patrick's day brings that all together. Also, who doesn't love chocolate and Lucky Charms?

Part of my St. Patrick's day traditions includes reading this series... of which I have only read half of this book this year. I'm lagging! Also watching The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns. Think Romeo and Juliet with fairies and leprechauns and throw Whoopi Goldberg in there for good measure. It's a St. Patrick's day classic. Also, if you get too excited about it and post twice about St. Patrick's day things on your instagram in one day, apparently you drop about 4 followers. This is good information to have. 

Obsessed with the blossoms. I had to stop myself from taking more pictures of blossoms this morning. I'd be proud to say that I didn't do it because of self control, sadly the real reason is that there was someone really close by and I felt kind of judged.

In case you were wondering, Mesa Verde is slightly too cold for Spring Breaking it up. That's all.

We tried to do another sky lantern. This may become a trip tradition, because why not? :) (when I say tried, I mean we watched it spiral down less than a minute later.)

This is the view you get after you hike 4+ miles up the Colorado Trail from Durango. another 9 miles later after we went farther and turned around I learned that my hips don't really love it when you go from not running for a few weeks to hiking a half marathon. But hey, it's Monday and I can mostly walk normally again!

Also, were you aware that you have to have a beard if you're a man and a hiker? It's a theory I formed this weekend, and I wasn't disproved once! 

Like I said, obsessed. I'd apologize but I've come to accept it about myself. We stopped in Moab on the way home for this little hike by Ken's lake (guess who actually remembered the way there!). It was absolutely breath taking. I also took about 7 panoramic shots because I just learned how to do that this weekend. They don't do any of the views justice. I'll work on that!

Also, is it just me or did Spring Break kidnap this sky from California? (That first picture is from Sunday at the beach in California from December last year, the second, from Sunday night on our road trip) Both Sundays on Vacation too... it was kind of tripping me out!

Well, that was my week! 

What did you all do this week? Anybody else spring break it up? What are your St. Patrick's day traditions?

Thanks for reading! :) You're all wonderful!
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