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Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Moments

 Basically these are the things that I need to survive in life. I have most of these things on me at all times. 

I really really wanted to wear that hat to work that day because my hair was dirty. But alas, hats aren't allowed at work...

Remember the snow? Also, apparently I take selfies when I straighten my hair. I will not apologize. 

Twas a shleppy day at the house. (Shleppy= sleepy. Part of the family slang)

 Um... I have been dreaming about the pancake puppies from Denny's for approximately a year and a half. Best day ever. Plus Hatred and I realized we have the same favorite pen (Pentel R.S.V.P. try it, you won't be disappointed), which basically equates to a perfect day.

 After over two hours in the temple on Saturday (which was actually pretty great, despite all the waiting) I had to take picture. 

Saturday I saw Mockingjay, ran into some friends at the theater, then went back to see the hobbit. Also, I had an ice cream cone for the first time in probably years. It's a sad truth people.

Your turn! What moments did you have this week? Do you have a favorite pen (we can be instant friends!)? When was the last time YOU had pancake puppies or ice cream cones?

Thanks for reading! :)
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