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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Scottish twin

 I have an Irish twin. Which makes me feel pretty awesome. Alright, technically we're not quite Irish twins because we're actually 13 months apart, but I don't even care. That's close enough to be Scottish twins right? (I'm making that a thing.) To me, we grew up like twins.

That twin is my older sister. We were always close as children, even though our personalities were completely opposite. I was the goody good with a conscience the size of Texas and Heather was the schemer who didn't see the need to tell Mom what we'd done, especially when we didn't get caught. My mom didn't know about half the things we'd done until after we were older.

When we were little we played mermaids in the living room, and hid plastic jewels in the wall behind our shelf. We flew plastic grocery sack kites (seriously the best kites in the world), and caused general mischief for our older brother. We snuck out on Easter "to go to the bathroom" and see where the eggs were hidden. We always planned to sneak out during Christmas when the tree was up and sleep underneath it the whole night. The main problem was that we would have to stay up later than the rest of the house in order to sneak out there. We never made it.

I have always wanted to be a twin, and if I couldn't be a full fledged twin, I'm grateful that I got to be an Scottish twin. I'm grateful that she climbed into my bed when we were too big to be sharing a twin. That we got to play together in our room. That I wasn't alone in our room when I got inevitably creeped out by the picture of the little girl crying in the corner. She protected me, gave me everything she owned to get me to stop crying when I was upset (then she took it back again, but hey, I don't blame her) and forgave me when I didn't tell my Dad that I had hidden everything in the closet, when he caught her for hiding everything under the bed and ate my ice cream while she didn't get any. 

Heather was the first one that taught me about life. She taught me that you can easily convince your younger sister to praise a tree as long as you tell her it's tradition. She taught me how to cheat when you're cleaning the bathroom so that it looks really clean, but you only did about half the work. You can get through a lot of things in life if you have your sister by your side. She taught me about how to be brave for your sister even when you're afraid. She taught me how to be kind, even when you don't agree with what another person is doing. She taught me wonder for the world. I don't think it's any coincidence that she's an artist and I'm a writer.

There was no one better to break rules with, and there was no one more fun to be with when we were in trouble. She's pretty fantastic, my Scottish Twin. 

That's my sister. This shoot was so much fun to do. Our little sister took the pictures and took it in stride when they kicked us out of City Creek (apparently you're not allowed to take pictures there...), and braved the cold. She was even patient with us when we couldn't smile because of the sun and let us keep our coats because it was cold!

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone!

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