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Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Moments

With some luck this will actually go up before midnight. 

These flowers in the first panel totally make me think of Dr. Seuss. I mean really, I think somehow they leapt off the page! Then of course, Mother Nature decided to play a little hot and cold with me. But hey, at least she's still bringing me flowers! :)

 I did not like this book, but I did love these Tim Tams. Wouldn't you know that Care Bear showed up with them on Monday of last week and made my whole life. She found them for me and bought them just because she's that awesome.

 The Captain and I decided we needed some ice cream. Which was actually frozen yogurt. These kinds of things are pretty much wasted on me as a purest, but I never can turn down Mother's cookies, and color changing sugar? I mean, do you even need to ask?

All of these pictures are from Date night last week. Apparently we don't know how to date on the weekends, because we always seem to end up going on dates on Wednesday night. Anyway, I planned this date, which I pretty much never do, so I was kind of proud of myself. I figured that since our camping plans never work out and it decided to blizzard outside, we'd camp inside. After eating at Zupas we went and got hot chocolate for Tim Tam Slams and then watched a movie from inside my tent (it was the first time I'd ever used it!) and of course we had to set it up by the fire :)

Another foray into Cafe Wave. I was pretty proud of myself for ordering something different. Generally I order the same thing forever if I liked what I got the first time. But I was trying to be brave and it was pretty good! Seriously, if you get a chance, try them out! :)

This was apparently the only picture that I took from the Adventure Expo that we went to on Saturday. But I want you all to know that it was awesome. And I won a pillow, so that was pretty sweet, even if I did almost kill myself trying to ride a bike. Apparently I don't do well on ramps...

And finally, this is what it looks like when you try to take naps from my nephew. He takes them anyway. Also that rocker is from my childhood and that little guy loves it and it warms my heart. Just sayin'

Woot! 8 Minutes to spare! Happy Monday! I hope that you all had some awesome moments this last week! I'd love to hear about them! :)
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