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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Favorite Hymns

I try to keep my spiritual posts to Sundays, so even though I've been meaning to post this as a random fact Wednesday for literally a month, I'm going to post it today :)

A little while ago after institute The Captain took me into one of the empty rooms and played hymns for me. I'd forgotten how many favorite hymns that I had. 

To be honest I didn't really love hymns until I was in high school. I had a friend who invited me to come singing at a rehabilitation center. Every Sunday we would go after dinner to sing for the people who lived there. Sometimes there were just a few people, and sometimes there were giant groups of us. Ironically, the Captain was one of the people who came singing there. 

Anyway, most of the time the old people would ask for specific hymns for us to sing, we would sing 2 verses (hence I know most of the hymns first two verses by heart, but not many of the third verses of any of them). There are a couple hymns that I actually hated before going singing there, but it's hard to hate a hymn when the people who ask you to sing it love it so much. 

Without further ado, I give you my favorite hymns :)

1. A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief (29)

2. Come, O Thou King of Kings (59)
I didn't gain an appreciation for this hymn until I sang this for a Choir Performance. We got to perform it in the Conference Center, which is the only time that I've gotten to sing there.

3. Battle Hymn of the Republic (60)
This was one of the first hymns that I memorized. I remember singing it to myself once in middle school when I was accidentally left there. I was scared that something was going to happen to me so I sang this and Nearer my God to Thee for about an hour before I decided to walk home.

4. All Creatures of Our God and King (62)
5. For the Beauty of The Earth (92)
6. Lead Kindly Light (97)
I cannot say how many times this has been a comfort to me. I had never heard it before going singing and I fell completely in love with it.

7. Nearer My God to Thee (100)
First favorite and still one of the greats :)

8. Master the Tempest is Raging (105)
9. Be Still My Soul (124)
The Second verse gets me every time:
Be still my soul, 
the waves and winds still know, 
his voice who ruled them while he dwelt below.

10. More Holiness Give Me (131)
11. God Be With You Till We Meet Again (152)
This was one that I actually hated before singing. There was a man there at the end of one of the halls that would request it every week. Just to watch him listen, to close his little eyes and clasp his hands in front of his heart like he was praying brought this song right into my heart until it has become one of my very favorite songs.

12. Abide with Me (166)
I actually sang this one for my Grandpa's funeral with my sisters. I loved it before, but that earned it a special place in my heart.

13. I Stand All Amazed (193)
I sang this for my concert choir audition in 11th grade. I was sure that I wouldn't make it because I hadn't made Belles Voix the year before on my first try, but I made it. I had to memorize this song for the audition and it's just such a beautiful song that it has stuck with me all these years.

14. Come Let Us Anew (217)
15. If You Could Hie To Kolob (284)
16. Come Thou Fount (Not Technically in the hymnbook, but still worth Mentioning)
Also, 17. Consider the Lilies 

I was going to do top 10... but that failed miserably. I even skipped a lot! I could tell you stories about each one, but that would be rather long and probably boring! 

What are some of your favorite hymns? Why do you love them?
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