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Friday, May 15, 2015

Monday Moments

Yes, I know. I really fail at blogging and at Monday Moments lately. This week has just flown by! So here are last week's moments. My baby sister turned 22 and I felt very old. Seriously, I remember turning 22...

Not only that, but this last week was the 4 year anniversary of my graduating college. Why am I so old! 

We went to Texas Roadhouse with my mom and step dad to celebrate her birthday and I remembered why I love the chicken critters so much. So much food! :)
Also I have completely broken myself. I am the worlds best ring checker. Seriously, it's a thing, Man, woman... I've checked their left hand. But I was teasing the Captain that the server had flirted with me because he winked and gave me extra honey mustard, to which my mom responded that he was married. MARRIED! I completely forgot to ring check. I have no idea what has happened to me.

Been practicing more hand lettering as part of #HandLetterItMay and I really love it. I may or may not have a lot of new pens and markers in my future and I'm not really sad about it. 

We decided to go on a weekly date, even though we see each other every day... so last week the Captain took me to One Smart Cookie. That toffee one was the greatest! Also, I was more than a little disappointed with the root beer in our root beer float. We were going to get frozen hot chocolate but they were out of ice cubes... Next time though. :)

That was last week! It's not too late to get into Hand Letter It May :) Check out my Instagram if you want details on that! Thanks for reading :)

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