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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Monday Moments

So this is probably going to be from the last two weeks. I seriously lost my mind in May I think. Possibly because I was running the testing for the school I work at, guess what? It's over! Also, I completely spaced going to the end of year I said, I lost my mind...

The Blonde Joke went out one last time before Merr moved away... Face time is going to be a real thing for us now! On that note my new phone comes tomorrow! (Supposedly) In case you were wondering, I would not recommend the Samsung Galaxy lite. It's only a year old and freaked out on me. I may or may not have had to delete all the contacts out of my phone because they somehow were eating all the memory in my phone. 

And I definitely brought this home and stuck it in a vase, because that is how I roll :)

Got to go out to the open house the day before it closed! My little sister got to come this time which was kind of magical :)

I don't know if you remember the Lord of the Rings Hike, but the Captain and I did it on Memorial day (Mill B North Fork Trail if you want the real name) and of course we had to take a picture by this sign. It is tradition after all.

Bless the Captain's heart for letting me take endless pictures of flowers.

Me, trying to figure out Hand lettering. Anyone else into hand lettering? Any tips? :)

And of course we had to make burgers for National Burger Day :) I also got to play photographer that day for my little sister and her friends!

How have all of you been? Anything crazy happening for you? Thank you all for reading! :)
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