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Friday, May 8, 2015

Things that I thought I Wasn't Cool Enough For

I have always been the kind of nerdy girl. I never really understood how all the cool people got to be so cool. 

I mean, there have been lots of things that I thought were really cool, but I never thought that I was cool enough to do them. 

Like... blogging (took me a long time to get into that). Or, twitter. (I know, I know I said that it was stupid.) Or Fashion (I have loved fashion since middle school, previous to this I thought that I was too ugly to get into fashion. Also, this is half the reason I don't really fashion blog. After all, I wear sweats about half the time and don't buy clothes very often, Bags, yes, clothes no. But I really like fashion.). Or hand lettering. Or going to blog conferences (still never been). Or going to brunch (why does that seem so cool). Or getting into photography. Or being an Artist... dear me the list could go on forever.

These were all things that I thought that I wasn't cool enough to do or to be. Half the time when I do any of the above things I feel like a poser, pretending that I'm actually cool enough to be the things that I admire. One of the things frequently said by my sister and I is that one day we'll be cool. We'll be like those girls that always look pretty and seem to have things together (I do not have things together ha ha). Then we move on with our lives or our conversation.

While I'm not always confident in doing any of the things I've mentioned, I do want to say that it's ok to do those things anyway. It's ok to try out new things (I will wear a flower crown. It's going to happen.) It's ok to try the things that you thought were going to be really cool and to not have them be as awesome as you thought that they were going to be (aka Twitter. I like it, but seriously, where does everyone find the time! Or cutting your hair into an Aline because you've always wanted to, while completely living in denial of the fact that you are both way too lazy to straighten your hair every day and that every time you straighten your hair you're also secretly calculating the number of split ends you'll get from it). 

Mostly I want to say hey, it's alright to suck at something (why oh why can't I be better at Ballroom). It's ok to feel out of place. I think that everyone does at some point. It is A-OK to think that things are cool that other people don't. Whatever you think is cool, is ok. 

Things like Doctor Who and H20: Just add water (Yup, go ahead and judge). Things like Blanket forts and Pirate ships. It is not a contradiction to love Disneyland and Princess everything and also love shakespeare and debates about deep topics. It's ok to wear sweats all the time and still try to be that girl that looks good in everything. It's not weird to be weird. It's alright to be you. Whoever you are. And it's alright to try and be something that you're not yet. You have potential to be it, I promise.

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