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Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Moments

This morning it was so hard to wake up! Every week I try and make a goal to get up earlier (not that I sleep super late) and every week I still wake up somewhere between 7:45 and 8:30 (or in today's case, 9:00 when I got a text...). 

Apparently I made/ate a lot of food this past week...

 I tried this recipe from Pinterest. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I think that I needed to make sure it was spread apart more (it was kind of crunchy, and by kind of crunchy, I mean really crunchy.)

This is what happens when I get frustrated that the hand lettering I'm working on isn't turning out the way that I want. I 

Had my first food truck food on Wednesday! I have been following Art City Donuts on instagram for months and I finally had them! They were so good! I got the Cinnabomb and The Captain got the strawberry shortcake. In case you were wondering, you do not need your own. You can totally share. But, if you do get your own, the Cinnabomb keeps pretty well! I ate maybe a third of them when we got them and then the rest later that night!

I am becoming pro at the finger over the lens picture. I don't know how I managed this honestly. I've never done this before this phone but somehow I've managed to do it about 4 times already. I took this on my run, the only one that I went on last week.

 I read this :) I took the Captain to the West Jordan library. It is like the coolest library ever. It was a great book! I took a lot of pictures of quotes that I liked. I liked the prequel series way better than The Mortal Instruments series. I will warn you though, there's a few pages you'll want to skip if you're sensitive to make out and sex scenes like me. 

 Also, if you couldn't tell, I bought some watercolors last week. Way too much fun. When I get bored of reading or writing or whatever I've decided to do for the day, playing with water colors makes me happy :)

Friday night the Captain ran the Provo River Midnight Half Marathon! I went down to support him, and...

Read a book in the car while he ran for 2 hours. This is one of my favorite books of all time. Two Princesses of Bamarre, you should totally read it.

 This is how I checked to see how far away the Captain was and hence, when I should go back to the start line. Although, I actually got nervous that I was going to miss him so I went back to the line after only an hour and a half. I think he was like 4 miles away when I got there. 

And this is me totally missing as he finished the race. Stupid not clicking the button at the right time... He finished in 2 hours and 19 minutes! I was super proud of him. Especially since he wasn't able to prepare much for this race. 


Saturday I went to a Relief Society conference with my little sister and it was one of the best things ever! We talked about the Butterfly effect and I was really impressed with our speaker, Sister Terry.

Saturday night we went to the Pie with a bunch of the Captain's friends that he's been friends with since Elementary School! I thought it was pretty cool, I don't really keep in touch with anyone from elementary school. 

This whole last week was great! I had fun with the Captain and I even got to hang out with the Blonde Joke for a bit on Friday. My best friend Merr moved away so it had to be through FaceTime but it was so nice to see her face!

How was your last week? Did anything exciting happen? Thank you all for reading! :)
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Moments

This last week was one of the weirdest weeks. Mostly because I never knew which day it was. Monday felt like Thursday or Friday and the whole rest of the week was off from that!

 Some hand lettering practice on Monday :)

 Definitely something I needed to hear that day.

So Charissa and I have been waiting all year for Jurassic World to come out. We knew that my Daddy was a fan so we asked if he wanted to see it with us and it kind of turned into a Daddy Daughters date! It was awesome to get to hang out with all of them. We went to lunch at Zilios (none of us are good decision makers, besides Daddy it would seem) and then over to the movie. Just FYI Megaplex does cheap movies on Tuesdays! We saw it in IMAX and 3D for 5$. Also, it was really scary! Good, but scary. So bring someone you can hold hands with. I only screamed once!

 We met my older sister's new Corgi puppy, Midna. And she was adorable!

Wednesday I walked to the Library by my house and then read in the shade. This may or may not become a thing...

Yes, that is a chicken nugget that he is eating out of that thing. Don't ask me why... I don't understand, but that was the only way that he would eat it. 

In case you were wondering if The Captain and I had funny text conversations...

This is kind of a sneak preview of a post that I plan on doing soon about phrases that I live my life by. 

 I've been working up to running a mile straight, I did it! But my face was this red for like an hour afterward. My goal is 8 miles straight by the end of the summer... We'll see if I get close! It only took me two weeks to get to one mile straight and if I keep active then it could happen right?

 This was Saturday night's sunset. Or, the last sunset of Spring. (Today is the first official day of Summer guys!) and I must say that Spring went out with a bang!

 I hope you all had a fantastic Father's day! and a good week! I'd love to hear about it! (Yup, I'll keep saying that even if no one ever tells me about their week, because I still would love to hear it!)

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Father's Day Post

Today is Father's day. And in honor of Father's day I wanted to write a post for my Daddy.

I guess today, the way that families run, my family is quite conventional. My parents have been divorced since I was 14, but that has never stopped my dad from being a good one. My dad is someone that is maybe a little quieter than most, but he has a big heart and he is the hardest worker that I know. 

I'll never forget the time that I had to drive my little sister to the ER when my Mom was gone on her honeymoon and he came to meet us at the hospital, no questions asked. I don't think that he even complained when she was mostly better by the time that we got there.

I'll never forget the phone call that I got from him when I was out with my cousin at a bridal shop. I was about to head off to college about 100 miles away from home and I had no job and no way to pay for food. Without my even asking he offered to send me some money every month to help make sure that I didn't starve. 

I'll never forget coming out to our new house and helping him build and how he told me that I was such a good helper for bringing the ladder up the stairs when it probably weighed half of what I weighed. Or all the trips to Home Depot or lowes and how he told me that he never could have done it without me.

I'll never forget the drive to California when we went on family vacation, we went in two cars and so my older sister and I crammed into the truck with my dad. We sang songs most of the way and were silly. It was 10 hours and it was awesome. 

I'll never forget when I was backing the truck out of his driveway and I hit the cable box. I was crying and terrified that he was going to be mad, but he just held me and told me something else that I will never forget, "I may have given you girls the impression when you were young that things are important, but things aren't important, people are important."

Or the fact that he never erased the note I left him on his whiteboard when I was 14 that read, "I love you Daddy-o, never forget that!"

My dad has supported me in ways that I can't describe. He's an artist, a photographer, a builder (he's built a lot of the three houses that he's lived in since I was born. In fact, I remember telling everyone at my old house that my daddy built all the corners in the house. I'm not exactly sure where I got that phrase from, but that is what I told them :) ), he's a hiker, a writer, a reader, and he is kind. I'm so grateful to have a Dad like him, that he still lets me call him Daddy even though I'm grown up. 
Happy Father's day Daddy!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Look Alike Test

Have you ever been told that you look like someone else? Someone famous? I have. And so for random fact Wednesday I thought that I would do a little poll to see who thinks I look like whom :)

Just in case you forgot what I looked like ;)

Also, just in case you were wondering, I did not take any of these photos.

1. Angelina Jolie

This was the first person that I was told that I looked like. I did not agree, but I honestly didn't care because I think she's gorgeous.

2. Mackenzie Rosman

Possibly better known as Ruthie from 7th heaven. I actually kind of agreed with this one. but not whole heartedly.

3. Anne Hathaway

This one has been said by multiple people. I agree, although I think she has a much better profile.

4. Rachel Weisz

She's the wife in The Mummy. I'm not sure that I totally agree, but once again, she's pretty and I will take it! Also her name is Rachael too... even if she spells it wrong ;)

5. Julie Newmar

Or Dorcas from 7 brides for 7 brothers. My roommates in college told me this before I had seen the movie and I was kind of offended, mostly because her name was Dorcas, but then I watched it and I was ok with it. 

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Moments

So the Captain and I made a summer bucket list. And in case you were wondering, Naked is the drink. Always sounds so scandalous... 

Summer times are for walks :) Also we had been out for like 20 minutes before I realized that the reason that there were so many families out was because it was Monday and that means Family Night.

Sometimes I brainstorm nice things I can do because I have way too many good intentions.  Also I hand letter poems I've written for people because apparently words are the only gifts that I can give people (I should probably work on getting people real gifts instead of letters all the time)

We went out to Zupas on Tuesday to plan my older sister's wedding. It was awesome. I'm pretty sure that it was the first time that I have been out to dinner with just my sisters and my mom. I already do Mom dates, but I'm thinking that I need to start a Girls date thing going. 

 The Captain and I decided we needed to burn some things. Well, mostly some clothes with some bad memories attached to them. In case you were wondering, doing a bonfire before the sun goes down is REALLY hot. Soleil kept finding shade so that she didn't roast to death.

A flower from my run :)

 First snow cones of summer at Lani's. Seriously go :) These snow cones were only $2.50. I'm in love with them.

Last Friday I received my endowment at the Draper Temple. Words can't begin to say how grateful I am for the opportunity to go through. I'm so grateful for the people that were able to come. It was beautiful and I'm so happy :)

We went to see Little Mermaid at Hale Center Theater on saturday and we definitely wore crowns. It was so good! I definitely recommend it. I also recommend wearing crowns :)

Lastly the Captain and I went on a date to see Cinderella at the dollar theater and then went to get ice cream at Farr's ice cream. It was really good. And I got to wear my crown the whole day, so I was pretty excited about it :)

Last week was big and great and all the feels. I hope that you all had a great week! Tell me all about it in the comments or drop me a line :) Also, sorry for the photo overload. I cut out a lot actually... Thanks for reading!

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