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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Father's Day Post

Today is Father's day. And in honor of Father's day I wanted to write a post for my Daddy.

I guess today, the way that families run, my family is quite conventional. My parents have been divorced since I was 14, but that has never stopped my dad from being a good one. My dad is someone that is maybe a little quieter than most, but he has a big heart and he is the hardest worker that I know. 

I'll never forget the time that I had to drive my little sister to the ER when my Mom was gone on her honeymoon and he came to meet us at the hospital, no questions asked. I don't think that he even complained when she was mostly better by the time that we got there.

I'll never forget the phone call that I got from him when I was out with my cousin at a bridal shop. I was about to head off to college about 100 miles away from home and I had no job and no way to pay for food. Without my even asking he offered to send me some money every month to help make sure that I didn't starve. 

I'll never forget coming out to our new house and helping him build and how he told me that I was such a good helper for bringing the ladder up the stairs when it probably weighed half of what I weighed. Or all the trips to Home Depot or lowes and how he told me that he never could have done it without me.

I'll never forget the drive to California when we went on family vacation, we went in two cars and so my older sister and I crammed into the truck with my dad. We sang songs most of the way and were silly. It was 10 hours and it was awesome. 

I'll never forget when I was backing the truck out of his driveway and I hit the cable box. I was crying and terrified that he was going to be mad, but he just held me and told me something else that I will never forget, "I may have given you girls the impression when you were young that things are important, but things aren't important, people are important."

Or the fact that he never erased the note I left him on his whiteboard when I was 14 that read, "I love you Daddy-o, never forget that!"

My dad has supported me in ways that I can't describe. He's an artist, a photographer, a builder (he's built a lot of the three houses that he's lived in since I was born. In fact, I remember telling everyone at my old house that my daddy built all the corners in the house. I'm not exactly sure where I got that phrase from, but that is what I told them :) ), he's a hiker, a writer, a reader, and he is kind. I'm so grateful to have a Dad like him, that he still lets me call him Daddy even though I'm grown up. 
Happy Father's day Daddy!

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