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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Breakfast Roundup

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As I'm sitting here sorting things alphabetically, I realized that the alphabet is funny. 

Anyway, as we all know, my favorite thing to do when I'm starving and can't eat food is look at food (every fast Sunday on Pinterest... really, I'm a masochist). So today before lunch, before I tore open the bag of crispy M n Ms that I brought, I was on
Because that is how I roll
Anyway, we all know my rant about breakfast, as well as my idea for pazooki shots (still need to invent those. It's sad because I know they'll be amazing. Also I know it's been over a year...)
So here are some "breakfast recipes" that I found on Yahoo food that you might want to try out

  1. Cruffin 
  2. Puffle (because all the food hybrids)
  3. Chocolate caramel doughnut holes (my mouth literally dropped open when I scrolled down and saw these)
  4. Buttery Rye crepes (sometimes I email these recipes to myself. Usually with no message. This one just said, Umm... make these. Because this needs to happen)
  5. Apple Dutch Baby
Take back breakfast people, at least on the weekends. And if you want to eat these with me (because about half of them are too unhealthy for my family to try), message me and we will have a breakfast party :)
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