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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If I Can't sleep

Last night was a pretty rough night sleeping wise. I kept having nightmares about Taylor Swift trying to kill me. She killed a lot of people in my dream last night. So anyway it got me to thinking about the things that I do when I can't sleep.
We've talked about how I can tell myself when to fall asleep, but just because I can give myself permission to sleep, it doesn't mean that I always take it. Sometimes my mind is going crazy and I can't sleep. So here is a list of ways I get myself to fall asleep when I can't.

1. Pray
I'd like to say that this is my first go to. It's really not. It's generally my last go to, but it's still something that I do.

2. Write

It's always when I'm just about to fall asleep when poetry and all my thoughts come pounding around in my head, pushing my eyelids open. Sometimes that means a note on my phone, sometimes that means pulling out Madeline and writing it all down.

3. Design

It's kind of like daydreaming at night. I'll design how I want my room to be, my future house, clothing... if it's house design I generally just play it out in my head, but if it's clothing I'll usually get out of bed and sketch it out (I feel like that sounds like I'm good at sketching. I'm not, just fyi)

4. Jeremy Manhandsome stories
Yup. My best friend made up Jeremy Manhandsome for me (he's supposed to be my future husband) when I was 16. So I make up stories about him as I'm falling asleep. This is a fail proof method. I never get much farther the opening paragraphs before I'm dead asleep.

5. Reading

I try not to use this one because it gets to be that whenever I read I get tired and I hate naps. But it works like a charm. I used to be able to read all night and not get tired, it doesn't work that way so well anymore.

6. Watch Netflix
Usually something that I don't care about. I watch like 10 minutes and then give myself permission to fall asleep and I'm gone.

Happy Random Wednesday! I hope that today is a good one! And if you have any random rituals for falling asleep I'd love to hear them in the comments :)

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