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Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Moments

 Hey everyone! It is finally summer! I'm so glad :)

In case you were all wondering about my new studying technique. This is it. I call it the McCuskey approach, since my professor in college taught us to study poetry this way. Basically, Green- Good, Blue- bad, Red-questions, Yellow-Repeated words or phrases, Pink/purple-things that I like. I like it because it forces me to figure out how I feel about words and concepts. Like when I started this, I tried to be really honest and so certain words were blue, even though I knew that they were good. Like repentance. And over time some of the colors have changed. I also like to listen to it out loud every once in awhile. To hear it sometimes makes it different.

 It was the Captain's birthday. He hates them. But I'm hoping that we can change his mind :)

Charissa went with me to the temple on Saturday. It has been awhile since she has come with me and I felt like a proud momma showing her off to my temple workers.

The Captain's favorite dinner. 

I had to document. I fully expect to drop below 100 followers again :)

Had lunch (or breakfast, whatever you want to call it) at The Park Cafe with the Captain today. It was pretty much the greatest way to start out the Summer.

Clearly I've been playing a little more with hand lettering. I'm really enjoying it :) How has your Summer been going so far? :) Thanks as always for reading! See you in a day or two :)
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