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Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Moments

This last week was one of the weirdest weeks. Mostly because I never knew which day it was. Monday felt like Thursday or Friday and the whole rest of the week was off from that!

 Some hand lettering practice on Monday :)

 Definitely something I needed to hear that day.

So Charissa and I have been waiting all year for Jurassic World to come out. We knew that my Daddy was a fan so we asked if he wanted to see it with us and it kind of turned into a Daddy Daughters date! It was awesome to get to hang out with all of them. We went to lunch at Zilios (none of us are good decision makers, besides Daddy it would seem) and then over to the movie. Just FYI Megaplex does cheap movies on Tuesdays! We saw it in IMAX and 3D for 5$. Also, it was really scary! Good, but scary. So bring someone you can hold hands with. I only screamed once!

 We met my older sister's new Corgi puppy, Midna. And she was adorable!

Wednesday I walked to the Library by my house and then read in the shade. This may or may not become a thing...

Yes, that is a chicken nugget that he is eating out of that thing. Don't ask me why... I don't understand, but that was the only way that he would eat it. 

In case you were wondering if The Captain and I had funny text conversations...

This is kind of a sneak preview of a post that I plan on doing soon about phrases that I live my life by. 

 I've been working up to running a mile straight, I did it! But my face was this red for like an hour afterward. My goal is 8 miles straight by the end of the summer... We'll see if I get close! It only took me two weeks to get to one mile straight and if I keep active then it could happen right?

 This was Saturday night's sunset. Or, the last sunset of Spring. (Today is the first official day of Summer guys!) and I must say that Spring went out with a bang!

 I hope you all had a fantastic Father's day! and a good week! I'd love to hear about it! (Yup, I'll keep saying that even if no one ever tells me about their week, because I still would love to hear it!)

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