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Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Moments

This morning it was so hard to wake up! Every week I try and make a goal to get up earlier (not that I sleep super late) and every week I still wake up somewhere between 7:45 and 8:30 (or in today's case, 9:00 when I got a text...). 

Apparently I made/ate a lot of food this past week...

 I tried this recipe from Pinterest. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I think that I needed to make sure it was spread apart more (it was kind of crunchy, and by kind of crunchy, I mean really crunchy.)

This is what happens when I get frustrated that the hand lettering I'm working on isn't turning out the way that I want. I 

Had my first food truck food on Wednesday! I have been following Art City Donuts on instagram for months and I finally had them! They were so good! I got the Cinnabomb and The Captain got the strawberry shortcake. In case you were wondering, you do not need your own. You can totally share. But, if you do get your own, the Cinnabomb keeps pretty well! I ate maybe a third of them when we got them and then the rest later that night!

I am becoming pro at the finger over the lens picture. I don't know how I managed this honestly. I've never done this before this phone but somehow I've managed to do it about 4 times already. I took this on my run, the only one that I went on last week.

 I read this :) I took the Captain to the West Jordan library. It is like the coolest library ever. It was a great book! I took a lot of pictures of quotes that I liked. I liked the prequel series way better than The Mortal Instruments series. I will warn you though, there's a few pages you'll want to skip if you're sensitive to make out and sex scenes like me. 

 Also, if you couldn't tell, I bought some watercolors last week. Way too much fun. When I get bored of reading or writing or whatever I've decided to do for the day, playing with water colors makes me happy :)

Friday night the Captain ran the Provo River Midnight Half Marathon! I went down to support him, and...

Read a book in the car while he ran for 2 hours. This is one of my favorite books of all time. Two Princesses of Bamarre, you should totally read it.

 This is how I checked to see how far away the Captain was and hence, when I should go back to the start line. Although, I actually got nervous that I was going to miss him so I went back to the line after only an hour and a half. I think he was like 4 miles away when I got there. 

And this is me totally missing as he finished the race. Stupid not clicking the button at the right time... He finished in 2 hours and 19 minutes! I was super proud of him. Especially since he wasn't able to prepare much for this race. 


Saturday I went to a Relief Society conference with my little sister and it was one of the best things ever! We talked about the Butterfly effect and I was really impressed with our speaker, Sister Terry.

Saturday night we went to the Pie with a bunch of the Captain's friends that he's been friends with since Elementary School! I thought it was pretty cool, I don't really keep in touch with anyone from elementary school. 

This whole last week was great! I had fun with the Captain and I even got to hang out with the Blonde Joke for a bit on Friday. My best friend Merr moved away so it had to be through FaceTime but it was so nice to see her face!

How was your last week? Did anything exciting happen? Thank you all for reading! :)
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