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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday Moments

Sometimes the week just starts off busy. Yesterday I was helping out the Captain with something and I of course didn't get Monday Moments done before I left. Mostly because I didn't plan well, not because I didn't actually have the time to get it done beforehand. 

Soleil was a very sleepy girl this week :)

The Captain had his first Lani's experience and from what I hear it's just as good as Hawaii's (according to him. I've never actually been to Hawaii, but I do know that Lani's snow cones are the best that I've ever had!)

These are the books that I read last week, The Host and Uglies. Also they are both books that I got at the DI. I was pretty pleased at the selection! Also, every time I read The Host I need Cheetos. It's a thing. I'm thinking of making a list of the things that books make me crave. Does this happen to anyone else?

 Found out that I get to be an Auntie again! :) I noticed this Little Man's shirt not long after he got to my house, but I wasn't sure if it was legit! In case you were wondering, it was totally legit :)

 This was amazing. Such a good night! You can't really go wrong with Leatherbys cheese fries and that cake batter shake was WAY better than I was expecting :)

 Oquirrp Mountain Temple! It was my first time inside (besides the open house) and my first time going alone to do a Session! It was absolutely beautiful!

 She and I are the same person and she's getting married... So happy for her! If you want to read her love story, you can here :)

 I actually went running 3 times last week and I'm pretty sure that each time I went I broke my record for fastest mile. I was kind of proud even if I can only run about a mile straight...

Alice Springs Chicken from Outback Steakhouse! I won't lie, it's amazing, but I also make it better ;)

Because sometimes you have to take a selfie when you wake up. 

How was your week? Any crazy adventures? Apparently I took everything in groups this last week even though it was all chronological. I hope you all have another great week!

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