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Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Moments

Unfortunately I have no pictures as proof, but, this morning my Mom woke me up to see the beautiful sunrise and rainbow. Seriously, there was a beautiful rainbow this morning around 6:30 AM. It was pretty much gone by the time I went to get my phone to take a picture of it :)

Finally found the best use for the playhouse :)

This is what I call the color rule. It seems to happen all the time in Pool, and sometimes in  while driving. We never seem to plan it, but the same colors end up together and left on the table at the end of the day.

This is from the Twilight Concert Series. Because the Captain is over the PR for it, we got to go into the press pit at the front of the stage and take pictures. I felt super cool, and probably like most people would hate me for being up there. It was pretty awesome though, good music and the sunset wasn't bad either ;)

I got to hang out with Smiles on Saturday. :) I'm so glad that we got to see each other, especially since our schedules are so busy all the time.

Sunday dinner that my Mom made. Those tomatoes are from our garden and they were probably the best part of the whole meal. Everything was so good! Also we didn't have enough plates, so... I graciously took the princess plate. And we didn't have enough cups either...

Sunday night walks are the best :)

How was your week? All geared up for the 24th (or as I've been told, it's called the Mormon Mardi gras, I'm all for making beignets!)? I hope that you all have a fantastic Monday, and hey, if the sunrise is great, wake somebody up, they won't be mad :)
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