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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sayings that I Live By

Happy Wednesday everyone! We're halfway through the week! Hooray! I can't believe that this weekend is the 4th of July. Also, fun fact, today is one month until my 25th birthday, so be expecting some "25" themed posts this month :)

Anyway, I've been planning this post for awhile and I figured since I had most of these hand lettered already, that now was the time to share them! And so I give you 7 quotes that I live by. :)

Clearly this is a new addition. But we've already heard me rant about how much I loved Cinderella :)

Meet the Robinsons. Which this is partially from a quote by Walt Disney. And if you didn't know that I love Disney, I love Disney. Bad things happen, but if we move forward, then we can keep growing and living our lives and the bad things don't have to ruin us, not forever.

This is from Titanic. I feel like I'm also giving you a tour of my favorite movies or something. Anyway, I've had this saying running through my head the longest and the first one that I really took to heart. After all, we never know how many days that we have, and I wouldn't want to waste them.

This is from my favorite book, Two Princesses of Bamarre. Likely you will never hear me stop singing the praises of this book, so you should probably just read it and then you can think it's awesome with me. 
Anyway, I've always related to Addy mostly because she was scared of lots of things. I have had a lot of fears, and still have a lot of fears, but I try to be brave. I don't always succeed. But Bravery is something that I very much aspire to.

This is from Forever Strong. Also a movie. Sometimes I use this to help me see what's right. Sometimes I can't tell if something is wrong, and not that I base all my decisions on what my friends and family think are appropriate, it helps me to put things in perspective. If it would bother them, then why? And if it would bother them if I were doing that, should I really do it?

This has been one of my mottos for the year. Mostly because sometimes I find myself lacking in motivation. And this helps me to get out of bed and be a real person in my life.

I don't know if this is in the book, but this is in the Movie Tuck Everlasting. It kind of goes along with "Make Each Day Count". I don't want to waste time. I want to die full of days, and adventures, and I don't want fear to hold me back.

So what sayings do you live by? And how did you find them? Have a great Wednesday! Look for a post tomorrow ;)

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