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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


So I'm engaged! :) And I'm super excited about it when I'm not thinking about how to plan a wedding. I'm pretty sure that I'm the only girl on the planet that hasn't spent her life planning out her wedding. 

 The boy did good on the ring if you ask me :)

So before he actually proposed The Captain gave me tickets to Disneyworld for my birthday, so I knew that we were going, it wasn't until we'd been in Florida a few days that I realized his whole family would be joining us though. I didn't think anything of it, they live out here and go a lot :)

We'd already gone on one ride while waiting for part of the family to get into the park and then we got our fast passes. We couldn't use the first one for about an hour, so his sister suggested we go check out the tangled toilets. Tangled is neck and neck for my favorite disney princess movie with Beauty and the Beast, so I was excited to go check them out.

I was a little disappointed that there weren't frying pans in the women's toilets (toilets part of my engagement story? who knew right?), I didn't actually have to go, so I admired the flowers painted on the walls and then left. I found the Captain and we went to look at the tower.

He told me that he needed some medicine (he broke his back and neck a few years back, pain medication is normal part of his life) and so he was digging around in his bag looking for it. I was looking at the tower and realized it would be much more considerate if I offered him some water or gatorade. I offered both and he said he didn't want either.

He stood there with his arm halfway into his bag looking around and I had the passing thought that this is what he might do to stall if he had a ring in his bag, but really thought nothing of it because he told me he wasn't going to even start thinking about proposing until after he got back from this trip. 

The next thing I know the Captain is down on one knee offering this beautiful ring to me and asking me to marry him.

I remember saying "Seriously?" probably 3 times and yes. I'm also pretty sure that I was reaching for that ring before he finished asking the question and definitely before I had answered his question. 

This lovely photographer took pictures of us (none of the ones on here). She had taken a picture of us together before we got engaged and apparently they don't even usually have photographers in this area :) She kindly gave us a card so that we could access our photos. Then she later told us to stay there and went to get us just engaged pins and a certificate for a free 5x7 of whichever picture we wanted. 

His little sister and Mom, who apparently he tried to signal that he was about to propose (the plan was to propose at twilight and he ended up doing it in the morning), and they ended up missing the whole thing. So we reenacted it about 5 times for them :)

In about... February (don't judge me) I wrote out a list of things that the Captain might want to know so that he could propose. One of the things on the list was make sure that if you can, make sure my nails are done. His mom and little sister and I all got Mani/pedi's the day before. I thought it was just a birthday gift, I had never had either before. It all clicked into the place later ;)

In case you were wondering what else was on the list:

The easy guide to proposing to me.
1. Do not propose on Temple Grounds. Especially the Salt Lake Temple grounds
2. Nothing cliche. If you've heard a story about someone doing it that way, then probably I wouldn't like it. 
3. Inside jokes are welcome
4. I have no idea what kind of ring I want. I go back and forth all the time. Pretty. Yes.
5. You should probably at least to talk to my little sister before you propose. She'll probably be ticked if she finds out after I do.
6. And probably my mom.
7. I wouldn't be opposed if you asked my dad for permission
8. Surprise me. I do not want to know it's coming.
9. If you think I might say no, then I probably will. 
10. If you can get it on camera, do (pictures, probably no video)
11. If you can covertly make sure my nails look pretty and that I look pretty while still surprising me, do.
12. Getting down on one knee is a must.
13. No birthdays, or holidays.
14. Probably never propose in front of a crowd of people (what if I said no? I probably would say yes just to not embarrass you, then not only are you left wondering if it's a real yes, but if I have to retract that later in private, then it's going to be sad all around)
15. I believe in short engagements, which means that unless we can get married soon after getting engaged, you may just want to wait.

I gave the Captain this list way back then and he did great. He stalked my pinterest for what kind of ring I wanted. He told me to dress nicer because his family takes a lot of photos when they go to Disney (a lie that I totally bought, although I wouldn't have worn that if I knew what was going to happen, I wore that because I thought it would be most comfortable, not because I thought it was the cutest. Also his sister offered me hair product that morning, which I declined because I didn't really care that much. I thought we were just going to be in a park all day. I ended up just throwing it in a ponytail about 10 minutes after we got into the park. I am grateful that I fixed that ponytail right before he proposed though.)

He talked to everyone I suggested :) And if you couldn't tell by the pictures that his dad took, no crowd gathered. I don't think a single person walking by even paid attention.

I am so excited and so happy. Thanks for reading and thanks for all the love and support :)

What do you think of my rules? :) How did you get engaged? What would be on your "Easy guide to proposing"? 

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