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Friday, August 28, 2015

It All Started with a Snap: A love story intro :)

Mostly this week I kind of forgot that I was human being, let alone a blogger. Like for real. Usually when Monday rolls around I think about posting even if I don't actually end up getting up that day, but this week I didn't even realize that it was Monday until it was already Tuesday and then somehow I ended up here on Friday... Yeah, I have no idea how that happened. 
Partially I think it's because last Monday I was in Florida and apparently I forgot what days felt like in Utah since then. My whole routine has been weird since then (Like on Monday I went running, which meant that Tuesday I didn't, which I normally do... it's all weird), add on to the fact that everyone keeps asking me wedding questions. Like where will we live? What food do I want at the reception? Center pieces?
It's like I'm the only girl who ever lived who didn't plan out my wedding before I got engaged. But since we're getting married in November (I forgot to tell you all that didn't I? 68 days by the way) these are decisions that I have to figure out. Oh and did I mention that my older sister is getting married 13 days before me?
Yeah, it's been crazy times over here. 
But that's not what you came here for ;)

So, in case you were all wondering, you are going to get our love story! I know you always wanted to know how this all happened. 

So once upon a time, just about 9 years ago I decided to go to EFY for my Second year. Why are we going back 9 years? You shall see!
I decided to go by myself, mostly because I didn't have anyone else to go with me (if you don't know what EFY is, basically it's an awesome youth program where you go be Spiritual and meet a lot of cool friends). I think of myself as being pretty shy, but when I'm in a situation like that I tell myself to pretend I'm a social butterfly. So that's what I did. And who should be in my Company (made up of two groups of girls with about 10 girls a piece and one boys group with about the same) but the Captain.
I don't honestly remember when I first met him, but I do remember that I met our company and immediately determined that I was the second prettiest girl in our company (I was kind of really confident and vain...) and that there were a few boys that I thought were pretty good looking. 
The Captain was not one of them. 
Back in those times I wasn't quite as tall as I am now, but I was still at least 5' 7" and I had a rule that I didn't date boys that were shorter than me (I really had no rules at this point. We met about a week after I turned 16. But on every list that I had made on what I wanted in a future husband, or boyfriend for that matter, listed Tall as one of the first things). 
My first memory of him was when we were sitting together before a devotional and the Captain informed me that he didn't know how to snap.  Don't ask me why, but snapping is one of my favorite things to do. So sitting right there, on blue hard plastic chairs, I taught the Captain to snap. And that was the start of our friendship. 

This actually is from the Easter before we met, so just a few months, but this is about what I looked like when we met :)

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