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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Monday Moments

Hey there everyone! I am actually posting this from Florida :) I was going to try and post Monday Moments on Monday, but the Captain and I took a red eye flight out of Salt Lake to get here Monday night and all Monday was spent trying to get ready to leave. Then yesterday... I think I slept more than I have ever slept in my life during the day ha ha

So here you go :) 

Also, literally all but 3 of these are from my birthday...

Delicious cake from my visiting teachers a few days before my birthday :)

This was at the end of my run on Saturday morning. I decided last year that I wanted to see the sun rise and set on my birthday, but didn't quite make it, so this year I made sure it happened. I woke up at 6:15 AM and then ran :)

I was a little proud to be the first on the board for the month... :)

The Captain took me on a picnic to one of our favorite places for lunch on my birthday. In case you were wondering, they do not give you anything special on your birthday at Zupas, but they were nice enough to give me an extra chocolate covered strawberry. :)

The spoiling continued for dinner. We went to Leatherby's and got cheese fries (my favorite!) and a cake batter shake (seemed fitting ;) )
Oh and did I mention he got me tickets to go to Disney World? I didn't? Yup! I am going to Disneyworld tomorrow! I'm only really excited about it.

We finished off the day by going to the Drive in to see Pixels and Jurassic World. Well, mostly pixels because we both fell asleep for most of Jurassic World, which was kind of unfortunate since that was the one that both of us wanted to see most. Also I was pretty unimpressed with Pixels, but overall not a horrible movie.

Also on my birthday we went to the 5K Potter Run that my service group put together, and we stopped by a beautiful barnes and noble with 2 floors! That's right, all book stores should be so large that they need two floors.

It was probably my favorite birthday ever. Sea World almost beats it out, but as I did end up crying that birthday and not this one... I'm going to have to say that this one knocked it out of the park :)

So that's all folks! ;) It was a great birthday and I'm really grateful to everyone that made it so great! I felt very loved this birthday, so thanks for being the wonderful people in my life. Love you all and hope that you have a great week! :)

What was your favorite birthday? What made it so special?

I hope at the very least that you all answer these questions in your mind :)
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