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Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Moments

If you don't follow me on instagram or Facebook then you probably don't know, but I got engaged last Thursday! I know you're all dying to hear the story, but I think I'll put that off for another day or so. That way the post can be all about the engagement rather than being thrown in all willy nilly with random moments from the week :) Also, for a large portion of this trip I haven't taken my phone with me or any cameras so you might actually get some photos from last week, next week when I get photos from everyone else :)

This was me trying to pack everything for 2 weeks into a my normal duffle bag... yeah, it didn't fit.

My hair got nice and curly after we went to the beach :) I kind of liked it, I won't lie. Its only taken 25 years for me to be ok with curly hair ha ha

There is wildlife EVERYWHERE here. I swear. 

We went looking for alligators in the local wetlands, but instead we only found beautiful views and the gators grunting at each other all around us, but never coming out :)

 Florida has been great :) I've been much more impressed than the last time that I was here on what I refer to as the Farewell tour (my last vacation with my family before my parents got divorced). It's not as hot as it seemed to be last time, I feel like I can still breathe this time. 

Anyway, thanks for reading! If you've ever been to Florida, what is your favorite part? Or where have you travelled this summer?

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