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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Monday Moments

So in case you didn't know, shortly after the Captain and I got engaged, he left me for a week at his parents house while they all went on a cruise.

We actually deemed it quite fitting because just after we started officially dating he went and hung out with some other friends without me that night...

So naturally while they were gone I spent most of the day in the pool reading. And eating ice cream. It was really torturous ;)

I also made it out to the Orlando Temple while I was there. It was totally worth the drive, the extra space in my suitcase, and almost not making it home.

How might that happen you ask? Well, since I literally know how to get nowhere in Florida, I was entirely dependent on my GPS to find my way around. I made it to the temple ok, but afterward I wanted to fill up on gas before I headed back to the empty house that I was watching. 
I found a gas station on my GPS and started heading over there. 
Then my screen started to get darker for no apparent reason.
And darker, and darker. 
Until I got a warning that my phone was too hot and was going to turn off until it cooled down.
Which would be fine if I was doing pretty much anything other than driving and had no idea where I was.
I quickly pulled my phone off the mount and drove in a random direction while holding my phone to the AC and praying that it would cool off so that I could find my way home.
Luckily it did and I ended up right next to a gas station. 
I really don't know how people got around (especially in foreign places) before smart phones and GPS.

Because when you can't take pictures of your own puppy and cuddle with her, you take pictures of your FiancĂ©'s dog.

I was looking at wedding bands on pinterest and this was the first thing that came up for Rapunzel wedding band... Look familiar?

On this day it rained the whole day. So Charissa and I facetimed for literally at least 8 hours and watched Twilight "together"

These were the Sunsets literally every night. It was unreal. Also 2 gators live in that pond behind the Captain's parent's house. Just in case you were wondering.

At my house we all have our favorite Disney princesses. My big sister's is Jasmine, my little sister's is Ariel. And lately I keep getting Ariel as which princess I am most like on the quizzes, not sure what that's about...

Jack needs a lot of love when you come home. Also if you want to know the value of a good filter, that first picture is at the beach and the one with me holding Jack I took as soon as I got home about an hour later.

These are the ways that I entertain myself when the Captain finally comes home and then proceeds to sleep for a few hours.

After much debate the truth comes out. A 3/4 cup TOTALLY exists! I have never seen one before but the Captain grew up with them. 

Sunrise yesterday morning. Even if we did have to get up at 4 AM UT time to do it, it was totally worth it.

What adventures did you have this week? Have YOU ever seen a 3/4 cup before?
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