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Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Moments

Monday and I'm posting Monday moments? What? Ha ha it took me a bit to get back into the routine, but I did it! 

Pretty sure that this was the Tuesday after we got back from Florida. The Captain said something about getting me a t-shirt that said "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries" the day before and I could not get them out of my head. Let's be honest, cheese fries are about the best thing ever. 

Charissa's hair is getting long enough that I can start braiding it again. Is it weird that I sometimes miss braiding? I like to try different braids out. That's got to be like the weirdest interests ever, but it's true. If you've got long hair, I will seriously braid it for you. 

This is from the last twilight concert series. Good times guys, we finally got a couch for the whole show, and it was grand. Also the tacos were amazing. And messy.

Friday was spent with my mom's soul sister. And by soul sister, I mean her cousin that she briefly lived with when they were children. For blogging purposes we will refer to her as Glinda (the good witch). Glinda teaches my mom how to be a princess, excuse me Queen, while still being benevolent and telling great stories about the time my mother bit her on the back because Glinda refused to give up the side of the bed that my mother wanted.
We also obviously went to the Pi. This buffalo chicken pizza was the greatest! So good!

The blonde joke will not be divided even by thousands of miles! FaceTime is a grand thing that can embarrass even the best of friends from great distances. 

And finally, I am back at work, so be prepared to enjoy more pictures taken while walking to and from it :)

In case you were wondering, the next installment of our love story will be up on the blog tomorrow (I will hold myself to that. Swear I'm going to write it right now)
If you missed the first part, you can catch up here
And if you missed the part about where we got engaged, you can catch it here :)

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