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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Let them See your Heart

Writing Journal Project #14

Take a risk on the page. Let them see your heart. Drop your secrets like dreams into harsh black lines that tell too much and too little. This is what makes your secrets live. Heartbreak and heart ruin spelled out in images that they can't understand.

Like dew evaporating from grass. Beautiful, an image too fleeting to catch.

Because our souls, yours and mine have seen so much. Too many faces. Too many words repeated from different mouths.

The words feel broken and jagged now. Tearing what they were intended to mend. 
I have been destroyed and I have been the destroyer. I know what it takes to tear a soul. To wring raindrops out of a helpless cloud. I have been wrung dry. Where some seem empty to begin with.

I watched the clouds drop their precious hearts to the ground yesterday. Watched the wood take all it could and then let it run off the sides.

My secret heart breaks run canyons deep and scattered. A cracked desert crust runs to the core. This should be something water can cure, but instead, this is what water, and words, create. 

At least there are no lists. At least I am not that broken. That I don't need each item like a stitch or staple holding me together. Not this time. 

I can hear the silence. I can feel it settled on my skin. And maybe silence isn't better than shouting in my head. 
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