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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Love Story Part 4: The All Nighter

I feel like it's about time for another installment of our love story. 

We'll fast forward over the boring bits (you're welcome).

Suffice it so say that we both sang at the same rehabilitation center every Sunday in high school, we had a lot of mutual friends from that (also the Captain happens to personally know half of the world). 

And so we settled into this routine of seeing each other every couple months, he went on a mission to Brazil at which time I wrote him a grand total of 0 letters (I had a rule about going foreign and not writing them... apparently I have a lot of rules for my life). 

Just before his mission he got a girlfriend, his very first (I was on and off again with another member of our EFY crew) and I was SO happy for him. 

Like seriously. 

And he came home from his mission and we settled back into our routine of hanging out every few months, but this time we would hang out alone. Usually late at night, we would go drive somewhere and spill out our lives to each other. We'd talk about everything, but mostly about who we were or were not dating at the time.

I remember when he first told me he was chasing a girl who was 5' 10" and I told him he was crazy as I tramped out to the old bingham football field in my slippers and sweats.

Or the time that he came over just around the time that I would start dating my much shorter than me boyfriend (he was 5' 3") and I thought how good he looked when he walked in the door which completely baffled me because previous to this time I had never looked at the Captain and thought he was handsome. And we ended up noncommittally cuddling that night (we are both cuddlers, and at the time I thought it was one of the weirdest things that had happened to me to date).

And somehow I believed him when he said that he thought I was awesome and that if he didn't live so far away we would hang out all the time, even when he moved closer and he didn't even talk to me. 

And that's how we ended up hanging out on October 9th of last year. It had been almost a year (or longer) since we'd hung out and it was time for us to catch up. He picked me up and we went out for ice cream (which I was sad about because I didn't eat dinner because I thought we might go get something to eat), and we sat outside to eat it and I froze to death while he told me about what had happened since I last talked to him. 

I spilled all about this friend of mine that was playing hot and cold with me, and he told me about how he'd gotten his heart broken pretty badly in the past two years.

We went back to his house and talked for a few hours, watched Return to Me, and showed each other youtube videos. All the while I kept looking at the clock and wondering when this boy was going to take me home. He was my ride home and I'm not the kind of girl who asks to leave. All the while I was getting more hungry.

So around 4 in the morning, having decided that he wasn't planning on taking me home. I demanded that he feed me. We decided to go to breakfast, but since nowhere was open yet we decided to kill time by exploring an apartment building that was under construction. 

Because what else are two responsible 24 year olds going to do at 4 in the morning?

And then finally, at about 5:30 AM we went to breakfast, and I realized that I was SO close to having been awake for 24 hours straight, which I had never done. I told the Captain and we decided to stay up! We were almost to my house when we realized that the sun was almost up.

So we decided to go out to the mountains and watch the sun rise. (It was actually very cold, and the sun didn't come up for over an hour, and we both ended up using the wilderness, but who cared because we were never going to date each other!)

And he dropped me off and I figured that I would probably not see him for another few months at the least and another year at the most (we'd discussed how we were both kind of anti-social, no way that we could hang out with each other every night, even though we both thought the other person was way cool).

He texted me to hang out again two days later...

Photo Cred: Erik Merrill
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