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Monday, September 28, 2015

Love Story: Part 5

I believe we left off with the Jazz game. It was the beginning of us hanging out all the time. It didn't really seem weird at all to go from not seeing each other hardly at all to hanging out 3-4 times a week. 

Something about that time that we first cuddled seemed to have broken us, so we'd hang out and cuddle and talk until about 3 in the morning most nights. Which if you know me is not actually a good way to go seeing as I am not, nor have I ever been a night owl. 
It wasn't all that weird either to me, because most of my best friends had been boys. 

So just like that, the Captain and I moved into the best friend zone. With everyone confused about whether or not we were dating, except us. 

Well, for a little while at least...

The Captain systematically started introducing me to his friends, and honestly I thought nothing of it, thought nothing of my mother constantly asking if we were dating, it wasn't until we went to a Halloween Party with his friends. It was a scary movie (I do not do scary movies, I scare way too easily) and so we were cuddling. After the movie was over one of his friends just came right out and said it, "So are you two dating? Or thinking about dating?"

I can honestly say that up until that point I had never even considered dating the Captain. I laughed so loudly and abruptly at the question with a "NO!" that I worried that I'd hurt the Captain's feelings. But it was just so ridiculous! That Captain? And Me? that was never going to happen!

Then two weeks later, the Captain tried to kiss me. 

I really shouldn't have been surprised. Usually my guy friends ended up falling for me. I didn't think I would have to worry about it with the Captain, at least for awhile. 

I turned my head. 

And he apologized.

I told him not to worry about it, and honestly the awkward moment only lasted a few seconds. Then we were back to talking, like nothing had ever happened. 

And I thought that we were out of the woods. He'd attempted, and I'd said no, and now we could just be friends. 

This is how I learned the power of thoughts.

Because I thought about it now. I thought about what it might have been like if I had let him kiss me. 

That might have been the end of that, just a little day dream about what it could be like if I dated the Captain.

Except that wasn't the last time that he tried to kiss me. 

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