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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Love Story Post #3

The next even kind of exciting thing that happened in my relationship with The Captain was that he took me on a date. Believe it or not, according to my rules, this was the only date that we went on before we were officially dating.

I'm not sure how he asked me out on this date, but this is what I wrote in my date diary:

Feb. 9, 2007     Date 7 This was the 7th date that I went on / "There are a million things a
                                                                                                 man won't do for $5 but  
                                                                                               there aren't 5 things a man 
                                                                                           won't do for a million dollars"
Name: The Captain 16, Junior
What we did: Went and saw Curious Savage & Ice cream
Couple we went with: None  Oh the scandal of a single date
Rating: Awesome! Yes, I rated every date.

We'll start with the Quotes. 
"I can't be poor, I don't know how!" 
"Nothing makes the truth more shabby than a magnificent lie"
"We say goodbye to people we don't want to see again"
"Fight the night!"

First of all The Captain picked me up in Jenny (his car) and then drove me to the high school where we saw Curious Savage which was HILARIOUS! I absolutely loved it and they did an awesome job. I was so proud I guessed that the money was in the teddy bear.
"I do not like thee Lily Belle, why I don't I cannot tell, but I can say very well, I don't like thee Lily Belle"
The Captain knew one of the actresses who was one of the greatest in the play. 
The Captain was so polite and always asked if he could open my door for me. On the way there we listened to Scripture Mastery and on the way back we listened to Frank Sinatra. I loved it.  
Afterward we went to Arctic Circle, but it was closed so we went to Cold Stone. And may I just say that his car smelled really nice. Sorry. Anyways I got chocolate with Raspberries and he got a Creme De Menthe shake. He tipped a dollar and the employees sang to us. Then we sat and talked while we ate our ice cream. 
He walked me up to the front door and gave me a hug. I thanked him and then it was over.  :) I also forgot to mention that I appreciated it that when I opened the door he immediately told me how beautiful he thought that I was. 

This was the only date that we went on. Although if you ask him, he took me on a bunch of dates after this. However for me if you don't ask me out on the date then it isn't a date. Even that date was pretty well established that we were just friends. I thought nothing of the fact that he asked me out or that we went out. I wasn't concerned that he was going to try to date me. It was just a fun date (which is how I wish that all dates ever would have been.) 

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