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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday Moments

So I suck at blogging and I suck at Monday moments, and all these pictures were kind of meant for instagram... but I don't suck at taking pictures, so here we are with two weeks of Monday Moments pictures on a Tuesday. 

We went on a date :) And I tried Smash burger for the first time. I didn't love my burger. I wanted more pickles... I LOVE me some pickles. Apollo burger still makes the best burgers.(Pickles, in every bite!)

While on our date we found me a new fragrance! What is your favorite perfume? Or cologne? :)
I love me a good smelling man!

The Captain had his very first experience at Swiss days and his very first Scone! In the Utah sense of the word (the only one's worth being called scones if you ask me).

Because we had to try out all the possible desserts for the wedding luncheon. I won't lie, when I go to almost any restaurant my food choice is largely dictated by whether or not it comes with fries. 

This is right next to someone's house. Yup, I would totally live here.

This is how I feel almost every morning. Also, you can't see it in the picture, but my wedding dress is hanging just outside the frame of the picture :)

Date night last week where we got Chipotle and then went and bought our wedding bands. It was a great date :)

I finished early at the temple and so I got to sit outside where we will be sealed and just enjoy. 

Sneak peek of our engagements :)

The Captain's Mom has been in town so she could drop off the Captain's little sister at college and so we ate at McGrath's Fish House last night with everyone. I got the Chicken Medeira and it was AMAZING. I'm still thinking about it now. AND it came with Fries :)

The skies this morning before the downpour...

Which I got caught in on my way home. And I actually wasn't sad about it at all. The rain is pretty great. 

Things have been so crazy lately trying to plan my wedding, and my sister's, but it has also been pretty great. 

Hope you are all having a great week! I'll be putting up more of our love story this week! 
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