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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Writing Journal Project

I've been toying with the idea of posting some of my writing journal entries for awhile. Maybe because I wrote them, but I really like them, more than some of the poetry that they've actually inspired. 
So today I decided I'd start, because why not? Worst thing that could happen is that no one reads them, and that's what's happening now anyway :)

This one is from June 2013

I was thinking about Moab. Day 1. True Day 1. Driving down. No one had a camera. We just had our eyes. We crossed a river. The moon was nearly full. Luminescent sugar white hanging above the river, painting silver down the middle, rippling to midnight blue at the edges.

Soak it up with your heart.

Unseen places. New for everyone but J. First timers. Everything was beauty. Sage brush to sand. The moon closer and larger than ever before. Peeking between mountains. Red rock. Everywhere.

Earth soaring to sky in formations like a dance, frozen. We drank in the sights, pouring it deep so it couldn't seep away. 

Moab children.

Beauty edged with heat and pain. Journey and adventure harder than we imagined. Pep talking silently to move from arch to arch. 

Resting in shade, pushing personal limits, watching others push theirs. Rock drenched in culture. Words on every side, glimpses of other countries. 

Heart pounding in hips. One word stories. Laughter that hurts your back and abs, oxygen deprivation, fingertips tingling.

Isolated in stillness. Crimson coursing to the ground while people working. But they listen when I call out. Remember. Ask. 

Romanticize a moment. A glance. Best Friends Ever. Lost to us by unmeant gestures. Sudden reality striking us where we haven't been hurt in so long. A getaway. An escape turned trap, sticking fast in drama. Whispers and questions you don't want to answer. Refusal. Bound. Caught
once happily.

These are the questions that shape the future and carve your soul.
Will you be brave? Is this what you want? "What are you doing?" What are you continuing to do?

Germans and red ants. Bugs only biting boys. Don't get too close. Stay far away.
Race to catch the moon. Watch it rise. Stories in sand. Challenges by firelight. Gone by morning.
Stay late, up early.

Packing everything into moments. 
Comfort in sleep, dreams the only real escape.
Laying on your back, seeing only sky. Forging ahead. Get up or roll back

No need to tell bedtime adventures. 

And there you have it! Let me know what you think! Thank you all for reading! :)

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