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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Writing Journal #27

Just a little background on this one, My best friend and I went to go see the northern lights last year. They never came, but this was our experience.

We were waiting. Waiting for night to come, sunlight to leech away from the sky, away from the towns until the only light was starlight. Dripping through the holes of a heavenly curtain. 
We were waiting for light.
Waiting for a new experience. To strike an item from our bucket lists, leaving a crumpled paper and a memory of light unlike we'd ever seen.

We were left with the Milky way. And Cassiopeia, constellations we had no name for. 
We waited in the night, hundreds of eyes on the sky, hearts hoping for a miracle. 
It was quiet. Empty in the fields. But we were not alone.

We were waiting with the stars.

Everything else dropped away to stillness, anticipation, drinking in the night, looking to the North.

The sky shifting subtly, drastically, from a midnight blue to turquoise. 

I've never seen that sky before.
The sky shifted, and I shifted.

We drove home singing, laughing, heads tipped toward the sky. 
We had no shorter lists, but we still had a memory of light, 
unlike we'd ever seen.

Did you try and see the northern lights last year? What was your experience?
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