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Sunday, November 29, 2015


I know that I said I wanted to talk about Time Out for Women today, I'm just trying to decide if I want to throw you into the mess of my thoughts or organize it all for you. Since Time Out for Women spanned over 2 days, I learned a lot of things and it's a little scattered.

Overall I would say that I was looking for ways to be better, to become more the person that I feel I should be and also the person that God would like me to be. I often wonder if they are the same woman and how I can bring my own dreams into alignment with what he wants me to be.

I remember thinking specifically about beauty at Time Out for Women. They had two of the women from Studio C come and be interviewed by Sherri Dew. Mallory said something that really struck me. She talked about how we validate little girls by telling them how pretty they are, and how cute.

This is something I have written two or three unpublished blog posts about. About my own struggle to feel like I am worth more than my face and about how often times I don't really feel all that pretty anyway. And I wondered as I say there, listening, if I had done you all a disservice by keeping those posts to myself. I can't be the only girl who looks around and says to myself, "Maybe someday I'll be pretty all the time like those girls", as if somehow then I will be worth more, will have somehow made it (whatever that means) in life like I should have.

Because it seems that no matter how much I accomplish, if I can't be pretty, then what does it matter anyway? 
But it does matter. 
It's something I keep telling myself and maybe someday it will sink all the way in. Who I am is much more important than what I look like.

I have a lot more thoughts about Time Out for Women that I'd like to share, but for today I just want to leave you with this. Male or female, old or young, your worth is not based on what you look like. You are more than your body.

Thanks for reading! Happy Sunday!
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