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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Take Care of You

Today I was on Facebook and I stumbled across this video that had been shared by another blogger. I actually watched the whole thing, even though it's over 6 minutes long.

It was really interesting to hear her talk about how you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. It especially hit home when she talks about how sometimes we don't take care of ourselves and then we expect other people to make us happy. We think that they owe it to us because we have done so much for them. 

I am notoriously bad at that, thinking that other people owe me because I forgot to fill myself up. 

I'm not really sure when this began, I think it was after I started to get some friends (I know that makes it sound like I was a friendless loner, guilty as charged). I was so concerned about making them happy that I worried less about myself. Then my parents got divorced and I took on the role of Mom to my little sister and did my best to take care of my now husbandless mother. I completely lost myself and my own happiness in trying to take care of them. It became this vicious cycle of giving, emptying myself out for them and not getting enough back. 

It has taken me a long time to realize that it was never up to them to make me happy. It was never up to them to give it back to me. I have to take care of myself and be responsible for my own happiness. It's one of those lessons that I think I'll have to keep working on every day until I'm dead (Jada talks about that in there too). 

If you want to watch the full video, I've posted it below! Let me know what you think! 

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Moments

Hey everyone! How was your Christmas? I had a pretty good one, I couldn't believe how much snow we got here. Seriously, my dad lives like 5 minutes away and I wasn't sure we were going to make it over there, we slid a ton.

The Captain and I went on a date to the Payson Temple and Red Robin. We discovered that they can do gluten free and especially that their fries are gluten free since they have a dedicated fry fryer. The Captain LOVES their fries so it was a huge bonus! :) (in case you did't know, The Captain has celiac, so I'm always on the hunt for a good place that does gluten free so that we have somewhere tasty to go on dates and things together :) )

This is as close as we're going to get to Christmas pictures, but I think that they turned out pretty well. We'd gone to a party and so it just worked!

 I water colored some stationary for a Christmas letter :)

Well I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! I'm getting my goals together for the new year and I'm still thinking about what Word I want to do for next year.

My favorite Christmas moment this year was waking up early with the Captain to open our stockings :)

What was your favorite Christmas Moment from this year?

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Sunday, December 27, 2015


This year I chose the word diligent for my goals. Every year I choose a new word that I want to focus on for the year, and most of my goals are either centered around it or complement it, interestingly enough, the past few years, my word has been focused on where I want to go spiritually. I chose Trust for last year because I wanted to trust God more (definitely better than I was, but that's still something that I need to work on), and this year I chose Diligent. I wanted to try and go a whole year without missing any prayers or days studying scriptures to do everything so that I could truly say that I was diligent. 
It has been a struggle, and I would not say that I have been perfect at all of it. There were definitely days here and there where I read a few verses and called it good, or that I didn't read a general conference talk. There were definitely days that I didn't actually get down on my knees to pray both morning and night, and there was even a week that I missed going to the temple.
Yet, I would still call this year a success. I feel like I have really grown closer to the Savior this year. I feel that my focus has drawn me closer to the kind of person that I should be. I have developed a love for the things that are usually something that I try to mentally check off for the day. I find myself thinking of different ways that I want to study my scriptures, and I can tell that I am remembering the things in them better. I doubt that I will ever be a great scriptorian like my Captain, but I may be able to tell you a story or two and whereabouts they might be found. I really only wish that I had made these connections sooner, that I could be that much closer to who I should be, instead of being only who I am now. I wish that I could be even more diligent, but like many things, I think it's something that I will be working on for the rest of my life. Even so, I am grateful for the growth. 

What did you work on this year? Do you feel like you accomplished your goals? What are your goals for next year?
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Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Moments

 Hey there everyone! 
Today I've been busy redoing the blog, what do you all think?? I'm a fan, but I kind of got tired of working on it after awhile, so it's not quite finished!

Anyway, this last week was crazy! A funeral, a baby... big week! :)

The Captain is finally a blood uncle! I know that sounds creepy but it's the best way to say that he's related by blood to this little one. He inherited a nephew from me when we got married, but this is his first blood related nephew :)

We went on a sleigh ride down in Thanksgiving point on Saturday and we saw reindeer! :) This was the first time I have ever seen one!

If you follow me on instagram then you have already seen this, but seriously, it's possibly the coolest thing I have ever owned. You may need one. Here's the link :)

And this is also a gift from my sister in law for Christmas :) I just love Cinderella since the new movie came out. I'm going to end up with 5 favorite Disney Princesses up if they keep going like this. 

Hope you've had a great week! Thank you all for reading! :)

What did you do this last week? Are you ready for Christmas (I'm not, still have to do half my shopping!) ?
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Sunday, December 20, 2015

A World Without Healing

I thought a lot about what I might share today, after all, Christmas is this week :) I can hardly believe that it's so close. I'm excited to start some new traditions with The Captain and share some of my old ones with him. 

I thought about what I might share about the Savior's birth, with my sister in law giving birth to a little boy this last week, and my other sister in law due to give birth to another little man in a few weeks, the miracle of it all has really hit home for me. That people can even ever have babies is a miracle, with all the things that could go wrong.

I thought a lot about this video

A world without healing... That struck me so deeply. What would it be like if I could never heal, even partially, from all the pains that I've felt in my life? Physical, spiritual, emotional. I'm one of the most sensitive people I know, feeling hurt multiple times a day over small things, and if I could not heal from that... I honestly don't know where I would be. 

This Christmas season I am so grateful for a Savior, who heals me, whose miraculous birth has given hope to me and millions of others. I am grateful for Him, and grateful that he plays a daily role in my life. To say that I need him is far too inadequate. I am grateful for the gift of his life that was given and grateful that we have a whole season to try and share that gift with others, to give them a little of the joy that has been given to us. It is true, and that's about all I can say about it.

What does the Christmas season mean to you?
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Writing Journal #43

I am a box. Cells of secrets layered over new skin. They're all there. Open lockets made of Windows and shards of glass. Secrets in two way mirrors, laid over lists of reasons that this is worth something. We always thought that "we" was a phrase locked up in rings and forgotten kisses. A phrase wrapped in sheets and sealed in distance. An open secret of broken dreams that stick together for the sake of the children. A contract kept, a heart sold at the measly price of a few years of happiness in exchange for 50 years of misery.

Sometimes when you're sleeping, and the quiet of the room settles into the sound of your breathing and the feel of your heartbeat against my back, I believe in forever. When your smile tugs at the corners of my heart, I believe in glass slippers and balls. I believe in tale as old as time that ends in happily ever after. 

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Moments

Hey everyone :) I hope that you are enjoying all the snow! It truly is a Winter Wonderland out there today. I thought about extending my walk home from work to enjoy it, but then I realized that I was freezing and my socks were already getting wet... so, I didn't. 

This last week was a good one! Some fun things have been happening around here. One of which being that I finally joined the club of fitness tracker people. Anyone else use any Misfit Wearables? Anyway, I probably do a review of it or something once I've had it for more than two days... 

Officially started my name change :) So far I would recommend Hitch Switch, simply because it tells you what to do and in what order. I debated for weeks about whether or not I should spend the money on something I could do myself for free, and ultimately decided to splurge, but I'm one step closer to officially being a Stoll!

We got a Keurig for our wedding and because it only comes with Coffee we hadn't had a chance to use it yet! But then we found my favorite hot chocolate in Keurig cups! We learned that you cannot use milk and that it is really delicious. I think I'm going to start making myself a cup on Wednesdays since, for me, Wednesdays are the hardest day to get going in the morning.

 Sadly, this cup of hot chocolate was not made by the Keurig, but it was made at Caffe D'bolla. We went there since it was on the list of best places to get hot chocolate. I must admit that I was disappointed that it didn't have cool pictures made in it, but it was absolutely delicious. I would recommend it. Just know that the Caffe has some kind of early hours to close.

 The sunset on the same day that we got the hot chocolate :)

If you hadn't already pegged me for a nerd, I went to the Yule Ball on Friday and it was a lot of fun :) Basically any kind of Ball and I am there :) That and my service group was hosting it... 

Anyway I hope that you all had a great week! Tell me about it in the comments or drop me a line through email!
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Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Moments

I won't tell you how many times I had to try and spell Monday. Apparently in my mind Monday and Moments are far too similar...

Anyway, how has your Monday been? Today was an exciting package day! I am not the kind of girl that likes going out to go Christmas shopping, so online shopping has been my bestie this season. Plus, it's fun to get packages, even if they're not for me. I really think that people underestimate the value of snail mail. I'm pretty sure I've ranted about it before. Moral of the story, snail mail rocks :)

Onto the Moments!

One of the hardest parts about being a blogger/photographer is that there are so many moments that don't get a picture. Those beautiful moments that no one gets to see. Those are the moments that I want to share with you guys, but sadly I don't have a personal (invisible) photographer to take those pictures for me. So these will have to do :)

We started a Christmas Sunday tradition of reading a Christmas story while wearing a Santa hat by the Christmas tree. 
Of course the listeners are required to sit on the floor. 
Of course the listeners rebel.
 But its been fun to read together and pretend we're kids a little bit again. 

We went and saw the new Hunger Games movie as I said, so I'm re-reading the series in order to sort movie from book. Also I'm addicted to these cookies. Apparently they only sell them at Sprouts and I could easily eat a bag on my own daily. 

The Captain and I hit one month married (has it only been one month??) and so we had an extra special date. We had sushi, went to an art stroll and visited the Cathedral of the Madeleine. That night was one of those moments I was talking about. It was just a beautiful date. I'll treasure it for a long time. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

What moments stick out to you from this last week?

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Writing Journal #48

I don't usually date my writing journals, but I do number them. And so even if I don't post them in order, you might be able to guess when they were written. 

Also it's scary to post things that are so close. I almost posted a different one, but that one will have to wait for a braver heart. 

Today, you get a snippet of love.

Falling in love, for me, was like sneezing.
You feel it, and part of you wants to hold it back. 
And when you decide you want it, you look right at the bright lights and take a deep breath. 
And sometimes it doesn't come, and in that moment, just before you let it out,
You fight it
just for a fraction of a second
and you sneeze, and it feels so lovely to let it out, 
that you almost wish for it again.
The anticipation
even though you know you'll fight it
just when you thought you were all in.

Hope you liked it! Let me know what you all think! Thank you so much for reading and stopping by today!
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