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Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Moments

Hey everyone :) I hope that you are enjoying all the snow! It truly is a Winter Wonderland out there today. I thought about extending my walk home from work to enjoy it, but then I realized that I was freezing and my socks were already getting wet... so, I didn't. 

This last week was a good one! Some fun things have been happening around here. One of which being that I finally joined the club of fitness tracker people. Anyone else use any Misfit Wearables? Anyway, I probably do a review of it or something once I've had it for more than two days... 

Officially started my name change :) So far I would recommend Hitch Switch, simply because it tells you what to do and in what order. I debated for weeks about whether or not I should spend the money on something I could do myself for free, and ultimately decided to splurge, but I'm one step closer to officially being a Stoll!

We got a Keurig for our wedding and because it only comes with Coffee we hadn't had a chance to use it yet! But then we found my favorite hot chocolate in Keurig cups! We learned that you cannot use milk and that it is really delicious. I think I'm going to start making myself a cup on Wednesdays since, for me, Wednesdays are the hardest day to get going in the morning.

 Sadly, this cup of hot chocolate was not made by the Keurig, but it was made at Caffe D'bolla. We went there since it was on the list of best places to get hot chocolate. I must admit that I was disappointed that it didn't have cool pictures made in it, but it was absolutely delicious. I would recommend it. Just know that the Caffe has some kind of early hours to close.

 The sunset on the same day that we got the hot chocolate :)

If you hadn't already pegged me for a nerd, I went to the Yule Ball on Friday and it was a lot of fun :) Basically any kind of Ball and I am there :) That and my service group was hosting it... 

Anyway I hope that you all had a great week! Tell me about it in the comments or drop me a line through email!
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