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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Writing Journal #43

I am a box. Cells of secrets layered over new skin. They're all there. Open lockets made of Windows and shards of glass. Secrets in two way mirrors, laid over lists of reasons that this is worth something. We always thought that "we" was a phrase locked up in rings and forgotten kisses. A phrase wrapped in sheets and sealed in distance. An open secret of broken dreams that stick together for the sake of the children. A contract kept, a heart sold at the measly price of a few years of happiness in exchange for 50 years of misery.

Sometimes when you're sleeping, and the quiet of the room settles into the sound of your breathing and the feel of your heartbeat against my back, I believe in forever. When your smile tugs at the corners of my heart, I believe in glass slippers and balls. I believe in tale as old as time that ends in happily ever after. 

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