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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Writing Journal #48

I don't usually date my writing journals, but I do number them. And so even if I don't post them in order, you might be able to guess when they were written. 

Also it's scary to post things that are so close. I almost posted a different one, but that one will have to wait for a braver heart. 

Today, you get a snippet of love.

Falling in love, for me, was like sneezing.
You feel it, and part of you wants to hold it back. 
And when you decide you want it, you look right at the bright lights and take a deep breath. 
And sometimes it doesn't come, and in that moment, just before you let it out,
You fight it
just for a fraction of a second
and you sneeze, and it feels so lovely to let it out, 
that you almost wish for it again.
The anticipation
even though you know you'll fight it
just when you thought you were all in.

Hope you liked it! Let me know what you all think! Thank you so much for reading and stopping by today!
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