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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dear Married Rachael | A Poem

I should probably preface this poem by saying that I wrote this when the Captain and I had been dating... like 2 months? Less? It was either just before or just after we started talking marriage. And by the way the first time we talked marriage it was basically, "I'd be ok if we ended up together." "Me too." Anyway, preface over :)

So you do exist, eh?
I hope you have poems
I hope they run rampant through the air
through your skin
I hope they still rip you up

Brutal, right?

We always wanted that happy ending
the fairytale
and I guess we got it

but we always kind of liked the pain
liked the bite of it
the way it made us feel past our apathetic heart
yes, I'm still liking apathetic

We liked the beauty of it
that something so horrible
could bind us tight like laces with someone else

That through being broken, 
we became whole

How does that work?
Figured it out yet?

Me neither. 

I wish you more happy endings
I wish you more happiness than I can say
But I can't say that I don't wish you pain
and I can promise that you'll get it

I hope you sew up that pain tight into poems
but I hope that you share them too
help some other people sew up their pain

maybe our pain will help someone some day

can't wait to be you
maybe I can

Your masochistically wonderful self 

Thank you all for reading! These words mean a lot to me, and it means a lot to me that you all take time to read them. It helps me be brave :)

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