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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monday Moments

Apparently I ate a lot of food last week... 
And it's all coming clearly why I think I'm going to start doing food reviews... :) In fact, these first pictures I almost didn't put in because the food seriously deserves its own post. No joke. 

 I mean for real. That rosemary flat bread basically made my whole life. The Captain got this salmon fettuccine that was amazing. And I don't really even eat fish! We were pleasantly surprised to find that they do gluten free noodles! Not the flat bread though.
Ok, ok the Captain kind of cheated and ate a slice. That's the hard thing about having gluten intolerance that you don't actually feel, it's hard to turn down flatbread when it comes your way.
The whole rest of the night the Captain kept asking me how it was just to hear me say, "It was SO GOOD!" over and over again.
And it was my friends. It was.
Oh, by the way, it was Cafe Trio that we went to. A little pricey but VERY good. The hostess was a little snooty, telling us that we were lucky to be able to just walk in since we didn't have a reservation. So if you go, you may want a reservation, personally we didn't have to wait at all and had no problems. Our waiter was very good as well. 

Then we needed dessert. We tried to go to Farr's Fresh for frozen yogurt, but apparently they went out of business at the Sandy Location. Bummer right? So we went to Rita's Ice Custard Happiness. It was really good, but I was not hungry enough to finish my cone. 

In our defense we knew that we will probably never both have winter break off together, so we had to make the most of it. So we went to breakfast at Denny's where we were also pleasantly surprised to find that you can get a lot of things Gluten free! :)
The meal pictured above is what I got when we went on the perfect vacation to Disneyland. I really don't think that you could top it. Those pancake puppies and a milkshake? Seriously, these are the foods I dream about. The Captain said I should do a post about all the foods that I've had that I still think about, so maybe that will happen. Maybe not.

Apple Pie A la mode from Village in with Hot Chocolate. It was a good decision. 

Now that you're all hungry, here is a sneak peek of tomorrows post about World Armor :)

Thanks for reading! Seriously it means a lot to me guys. A lot. I hope that your new year's resolutions are going well, here are a few of mine:
1. Write a lot
2. Read 75 books
3. Get a passport
4. Practice Hand Lettering

Good luck!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?
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