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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oceanside | The San Diego Temple

Oh the San Diego Temple....
It had been my life goal to be married there. Just me and my husband and our parents and maybe our best friend in the world (outside of each other of course)
Draper was the next best thing.

But it stayed on my bucket list because...
have you seen it?
It's basically a castle!
I always wanted to be a princess as a kid (Belle and Cinderella mostly, now Rapunzel too. Although I always liked her for her hair, that and the fact that her mom liked some weird vegetable called Rampion (which I also just learned was also called a Rapunzel plant) and having an "R" name made me like a lot of "R" words for obvious reasons ;)  )

These pictures don't even do justice to how beautiful it was. And being inside was even more magical.
Plus it was only about a half hour drive there from Oceanside :)

The Captain is a little sensitive to the sun ;)

We did sealings there (since I'd always wanted to be sealed there) but we got to explore the temple a little bit.

My favorite was being able to see the Celestial Room there.
And the Atrium.
If you go make sure that you ask to see them! :)

It was the prettiest temple that I've seen, although smaller than I imagined it! :) I feel like a world traveler of Temples now that I've been to San Diego and Florida (it's ok, I know the two temples doesn't exactly qualify me as a world traveler of temples).

P.S. I linked to to explain a little about temples. You may have to scroll a tiny bit to reach the part about the word linked!

I hope you enjoyed some pictures of the San Diego Temple!

What is your favorite temple? Have you had a chance to visit it? Do you have a bucket list for temples to see/visit?

Let me know in the comments! Also if you have any questions, I'm here :)
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