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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oceanside Trip | The Food

So obviously not all of this food is from Oceanside directly, and some of what we ate there you could get here too, but still :)


We got In-N-Out on the way down in St. George. The Captain insists that it is better in St. George than Salt Lake and even better in California than St. George.
I thought it was fitting since In-N-Out originated in California (where are my fact-checkers?)
Also I've still never had In-N-Out in California.


Ok, so we had Denny's for breakfast (also fitting since I discovered Denny's for the first time while IN California on a different trip) and we all know that I'm head over heels for their pancake puppies, but I needed some real food. Ya know?
It was pretty delicious! Although the Captain didn't love his Salmon, those fries were pretty great.

Red Robin

We hit Red Robin after our trip to the San Diego Temple. I must say it was my best Red Robin experience. Those lemonades were great and the chicken actually arrived hot. Anyone else have that problem when they order buffalo chicken? Mine usually arrives cold!

This salad was basically the best salad that I've ever had outside my home.
We make good salads :)
I've basically memorized the ingredients so I can try to recreate it.
Apples, Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, Craisins, Golden Raisins, Pecans (I'd leave those out), and a pomegranate vinaigrette.


Also, if you get motion sick, please note that you may feel the pier swaying. I did. Luckily it wasn't too bad!

We got the Lightning Roll and Orange Crush.
I must say, I like Sushi express here better. The atmosphere at Harney's was nicer, but I like the Sushi better at Sushi Express.
Of the two rolls that we got, I liked the Orange Crush better. Whatever fish was on top of the Lightning Roll was too tough for me. 
Although I did like that they only sold fish from sustainable sources!

Del Taco

The Captain was glad not to have a burger. I am in love with their epic scrambler breakfast burritos. They are on my Dream About food list (maybe I WILL do a blog post on them ;)   )
It was a pretty good way to end the trip.


Not pictured. Partially because it wasn't pretty. Also because it was the worst hamburger I've ever had. The end.
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