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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

World Armor

Photography by: Ginger Snaps (AKA my super talented little sister)

This post has been in the works for a REALLY long time. The idea was first inspired by a John Green video I saw over a year ago (can it be two years ago? Wow) where he said that he liked wearing make up for TV appearances because it was like a very beautiful kind of armor.

My mind took the idea and ran with it. To the point where my 2014 NaNoWriMo main character, and artist, thought of all of her clothing as World Armor. Something that could protect her from the outside, but also something that could show everyone just who she was without her having to say a word.

I've been thinking about this, about how we let the world perceive us through what we wear.
How some days you need those high heels, and some days sweats will do.
Like how when I broke up with one of my boyfriends, back before the Captain, I put my hair in a high bun and put on make up. My war paint to make me brave enough to break this terribly sweet boy's heart.

It is our armor. 
From make up to hair to clothing. 

It's a beautiful armor that we get to choose. I like that. 

What kind of Armor do you wear?

Thanks for reading! This will hopefully become a semi-regular feature on the blog! Let me know that you think!

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