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Friday, January 22, 2016

Writing journal #53

This started out as a prompt, a secret my mother asked me to keep, but ended up being about my parent's divorce.

They were at odds. Mom. Dad.
two halves of me that were moving toward opposite horizons
she was the light side of a fading sky,
pulling the matter all around her into the explosions that blew silently beneath the water
we could all feel the concussions, the stronger push of the tides on the shore
they were building toward tsunamis
toward the crashing waves that would tear down castles, breaking the stone to sand.
Filling the foundations we dug out with our hands,
no more than moats around our hearts

We told ourselves we were lucky
as our throats filled with mud
to see the ruins and the wreckage.
We clogged our lungs and shut our mouths to hold it all inside

The waves were silent when they came.

We were silent when they left.

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  1. This is very graphic! Lucky is the child who learns from their own parent's divorce. It leaves a big mess that continues to build up.

    1. First of all, thanks for commenting Jose! :) It is pretty graphic, I almost didn't post it! It's true, it leaves quite the mess behind.